Abortion Laws by State

Image of a judge's gavel representing the laws of abortion

State Abortion Laws and Restrictions

The abortion laws can vary from state to state but keep in mind there are also national laws as well. If you are considering an abortion it would be ideal for you to have a good understanding of the laws in your state.

Below is a table the shows you the various laws state by state: 


State Prohibited Except in Cases of Life or Health Endangerment if at: Partial-Birth” Abortion Banned Waiting Period (in Hours) After Counseling Parental Involvement Required for Minors
Alabama  20 weeks* E 48 Consent
Alaska E  Notice
Arizona  Viability  X  24  Consent
Arkansas  20 weeks†  X  Day Before Consent
California  Consent  E
Colorado  Notice
Connecticut  Viability
Delaware  Viability  O  Noticeᵝ
District of Columbia
Florida  24 weeks  E  Notice
Georgia  Viability  Postviability  24  Notice
Hawaii  Viability
Idaho  Viability  E  24  Consent
Illinois   Viability  E  Notice
Indiana  20 weeks*  X  18  Consent
Iowa  3rd trimester  E  Notice
Kansas  20 weeks*  X  24  Consent
Kentucky Viability  E  24  Consent
Louisiana  20 weeks*  X  24   Consent
Maine  Viability
Maryland  Viabilityᶷ   Notice
Massachusetts  24 weeks  O  Consent
Michigan  Viability‡  X  24  E
Minnesota  24 weeks  24  Noticeþ
Mississippi  20 weeks*  X  24  Consentþ
Missouri  Viability  E  72  Consent
Montana  Viability*  Postviability  O  Notice
Nebraska  20 weeks*  E  24  Consent
Nevada  24 weeks  E
New Hampshire  X  Notice
New Jersey  E  E
New Mexico  Postviablity  E
New York  24 weeks‡
North Carolina  20 weeks  24  Consent
North Dakota  20 weeks*  X  24  Consentþ
Ohio  Viability*  X  24  Consent
Oklahoma  20 weeks*  X  24  Consent and Notice
Pennsylvania  20 weeks*  24  Consent
Rhode Island  24 weeks‡  O  Consent
South Carolina  3rd trimester  X  24  Consent
South Dakota  24 weeks  X  72α  Notice
Tennessee  Viability  X  O  Consent
Texas  20 weeks*  24  Consent and Notice
Utah  Viability†,  X  72α  Consent and Notice
Virginia  3rd trimester  X  24  Consent and Notice
Washington  Viability
West Virginia  20 weeks*  O  24  Noticeᵝ
Wisconsin  Viability  O  24  Consentᵝ
Wyoming  Viability Consent and Notice
 O Permanently enjoined; law not in effect *Exception in case of threat to the woman’s physical health. † Exception in case of rape or incest. ‡ Exception in case of life endangerment only. ᶷ Exception in case of fetal abnormality. α In South Dakota, the waiting period excludes weekends or annual holidays, and in Utah the waiting period is waived in cases of rape, incest, fetal defect, or if the patient is younger than 15. ᵝ Specified health professionals may waive parental involvement in certain circumstances. þ Both parents must consent to the abortion.
Last Updated: 8/2015
Guttmacher Institute. (2015, June 1). An overview of abortion laws. Retrieved from http://www.guttmacher.org/statecenter/spibs/spib_OAL.pdf