“Pregnant” This may just be the word you are looking for. You may be working on getting pregnant or already asking the question, “Am I Pregnant?” Whether it is pregnant signs or information about being pregnant, this article will speak to all of them and point you in the right direction for more information or access to help.

Am I Pregnant?

There are six million pregnancies annually throughout the United States and 2 million couples struggling month to month with infertility. You are not alone in asking the question, “Am I Pregnant?” There are several signs you could look for, but taking a pregnancy test is the primary way to determine if pregnancy has occurred.

If you are questioning if pregnancy has occurred and you need to take a pregnancy test, you can find a Pregnancy Testing Center here. The first symptom of pregnancy to look for is a missed period. There are a series of symptoms that you might experience if you are pregnant. Look below for a series of pregnancy symptoms. Am I Pregnant?

Pregnant Signs

The pregnant signs that you would be looking for include a missed period, lower backache, or headaches. These are early signs of being pregnant. The first pregnant sign would be spotting, which reflects the light bleeding that may occur with implantation. Don’t worry, many people don’t even notice this.

There are other signs to watch for that come along with being pregnant. These signs of pregnancy include: tender or swollen breasts, nausea, dizziness, and increased urination. If you are experiencing these pregnant signs then it is probably time to take a pregnancy test if you have not already done so.

Getting Pregnant

Getting Pregnant One of the most common questions is how to go about getting pregnant. Whether this pertains to you or not, it is important to know that getting pregnant is tied to ovulation and having intercourse at the appropriate time. You can use our Free Ovulation Calendar to try and determine when ovulation is occurring. With the average 28 to 30 day cycle, ovulation usually occurs between day 11 of your cycle and day 21. Please note it is possible that your ovulation varies month to month.

The simplest way to go about getting pregnant is to have intercourse every other day of your cycle starting from day 10 through day 20. There is no need to have sex every day because sperm last 2 to 3 and even up to 5 days. However, fresh healthy sperm every other day will increase your chances. You can read more about Ovulation and Preconception Health for Women to make getting pregnant quicker and easier.

Pregnant: Sharing the News

Well you have a positive pregnancy test or maybe even been to the doctor and confirmed your pregnancy. Now you are wondering how should you go about telling your partner you are pregnant. It is possible you are concerned about his reaction, but more than likely you are wanting to know creative ways for letting your significant other know.

  • Lay the positive pregnancy test somewhere only your partner will find it
  • Place a pregnancy magazine on the coffee table
  • Ask him what he wants for father’s day

Let your imagination run wild. There is no “right” way to share the news with your partner. You can always enlist a friend or colleague to help pull off a bigger surprise. Just remember, this is big news. His reaction might be denial or being stunned or shocked. Don’t let these reactions determine your interpretation how he feels.

What about telling friends, family, or the office? The timing is yours. Again, there is no one “right” way to do this. You can enlist creative ways to do this as well. This is your pregnancy and you have every right to have fun with what you share, how you share it, and when you share it.

Being Pregnant

Many people want to know what it is like being pregnant. For some people being pregnant is miserable with strong bouts of symptoms of pregnancy. Other women report amazing experiences as they go through the whole journey. You should make note that the majority of people are going to fall somewhere in between. Being Pregnant Being pregnant varies from woman to woman and in some cases even pregnancy to pregnancy. You can expect your body and emotions to change while being pregnant.  The hormones come on full force and bring changes in your body to prepare for your developing baby. Your body changes are going to include changes to your breasts, your circulatory system, and your pelvic area.

One of the best ways to be informed about what it is like being pregnant and what to expect while being pregnant is to get the free pregnancy week by week newsletter.

This newsletter will follow you through your pregnancy providing you with information about the following:

  • Your developing baby
  • Your changing body
  • Things to plan for
  • Tips for a healthy pregnancy
  • Tips for your partners support

Pregnancy comes with discomforts, but it also comes with one of the greatest experiences of your life – having a baby. You are making a baby and we are here to help you have the healthiest pregnancy and healthiest baby possible. Explore the website, get prenatal care, and enjoy this pregnancy.

Last Updated: 07/2013

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