Home Business for Mom

If you are planning on becoming a stay-at-home mother or you alreadyare a stay-at-home mother and are looking for a home business to generatesome income for the family, then we hope these ideas will be helpfulto you. Home business is just that –a business run from home. Itdoes require effort and consistency; the good news is that there arethings you can do to generate income for the family with part-timeefforts.

Affiliate Programs – Affiliate programs are partnershipswith other organizations where you generate leads from your websiteto their websites and receive a percentage of sales. There are numerousaffiliate programs on the internet. Some of these are legitimate,while others are scams. If you venture in this direction, a “welltrafficked” website directly correlates with “well achieved”results.

MultiLevel Marketing Home Based Businesses:

AmeriplanUSA–A discount health care program that provides up to 80% discountson dental, vision, prescriptions, and chiropractic care expenses. There is also a program for general health care with up to 50% discountson doctors’ visits, lab work, and other health care related expenses. Through Ameriplan, you sell memberships to the network which providesaccess to these benefits.

Arbonne International–A company that sells health, beauty and skin care related products. The product line includes anti-aging, weight loss, baby care, aromatherapy,and make-up related items. As a consultant, you sell directly to thepublic and build your business by selling and promoting these products. 

Avon –The world’s largest direct seller with over $8 billion in sales.  Avon representatives promote and sell a variety of beauty and skin care related products. The product line includes anti-aging, wellness, fragrances, hair, and skin care related products. 

Herbalife–A company that promotes and sells nutrition-related products. Theproduct line includes weight management, targeted nutrition, and generalwellness related items. 

Ignite & Stream Energy –A company that leverages the need for electricity and the opportunity of deregulation to provide consumers with the most economical and discounted energy.  As a business owner, you help your clients by enrolling them in the Stream Energy plan which provides them with power at a discounted price. 

Mary Kay, Inc.– A company that has been serving the community since 1963 promotinghealth, beauty, and skin care related products. The product line includesskin-care, make-up, fragrances, spa and body, and assorted relatedgifts. As a consultant you serve your customers directly with consultationsand products. 

Premier Designs,Inc.. –A company that has been providing jewelry accessoriessince 1985. Premier Designs offers a beautiful line of high fashionjewelry that is affordably priced and backed by a Golden Guarantee. As a representative, you host gatherings and work with customers directlyas you sell them quality jewelry products. 

Quixtar, Inc..–A sister company to Amway that offers a variety of household relatedproducts. Quixtar and Amway are leaders in direct selling. As a representative,you host gatherings and work with customers directly as you sell everyday household items at discounted prices. 

Other Ideas for Home Based Business:

There are numerous things that you can do to generate income from home. The challenge is finding what there is a demand for in your area.  Ideas include:

  • Music Lessons – teaching the piano or some other musical instrument to students in your home.
  • Transcriptions – writing notes for doctors and other health care providers.
  • Translation – converting documents, websites, and other materials into a different language (i.e. Spanish, French)
  • Tutoring – using your experience to mentor, train,or teach a child in English, mathematics, or some other subject


Things to think of when starting or working in a HomeBusiness:

It is essential that you remember that none of these businesses offer a get rich quick program.  In general, the more time and effort you put into your business, the more income you generate.

Some stay-at-home moms want to put in more time and generate more income, whereasother mothers may want to put in 5 to 10 hours a week to add a little bitof spending money for things around the house. It is important to decidewhat your goals are when determining how much you want to invest in yourbusiness initially.

Last Updated: 01/2013