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Alaska Birth Doula

Shanna Switzer Certified Doula Doula


Hi, I'm Shanna, Alaska Birth Doula.  I'm a Certified Birth Doula serving Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla, and women located anywhere in Alaska with plans to birth in Southcentral. 

All women labor best when they have loving care providers and the freedom to be in control of their birth experience.  I believe every woman deserves knowledgeable, steadfast, caring support for the varied and complex emotional and physical demands of labor.  

My role is to support my client in the decisions they find best, providing information, encouragement, resources, and advocacy.  
My goal is to help my clients to have a positive and empowered birth experience.  
My desire is to support mom, her partner, and the family as a whole. 

As your doula, you can rely on me to:

  • listen and truly hear you
  • respect your choices
  • trust in you and your ability to birth
  • empower you to negotiate the best care for you and your baby
  • support and reassure your partner  
  • respect the birthing environment, honor and maintain the integrity of your birth space during labor
  • ​acknowledge the power of birth
Find more about me at or or check out testimonialsfrom my past clients at