Is eating shrimp while pregnant safe?

Eating Shrimp During Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman wants to eat well during her pregnancy, and a common question is, “What is safe to eat while pregnant?” Most women have an array of foods that…

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Laxatives During Pregnancy

Constipation is a common complaint during pregnancy, which means questions about using laxatives during pregnancy are frequent as well.  If you are experiencing constipation, you may find that some of…

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Woman lifting box while pregnant

Lifting During Pregnancy

As your growing baby develops in the womb, your body will go through changes to make room for the baby. Your uterus is expanding as the baby grows, and this…

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Pregnant woman drinking wine

Wine During Pregnancy

Can you drink wine during pregnancy?  A common area of concern during pregnancy is over what you can eat and drink while pregnant. It can be difficult to adjust to…

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Woman taking a vaccination shot during pregnancy

Vaccination During Pregnancy

Vaccinations are an important part of normal healthcare, and help prevent a number of diseases, such as the flu, hepatitis, and chicken pox. When you are pregnant, these vaccines protect…

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Image of the placenta encapsulation process

Placenta Encapsulation

The placenta is the organ that surrounds the fetus in the womb and allows for the exchange of nutrients, blood, and waste with the mother. It is expelled from the…

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Pregnant woman using an electric cigarette

Electronic Cigarettes and Pregnancy

As more research, education and awareness about the health risks and dangers of smoking become available, more and more people are seeking safe and effective ways to stop smoking. Some…

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TUMS during pregnancy

TUMS During Pregnancy

Heartburn is a common discomfort experienced during pregnancy. However, many women experience heartburn for the first time after getting pregnant. Generally, it is harmless but it can be uncomfortable. This…

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Deli meats during pregnancy

Deli Meats

Deli meats refers to cooked meats that have been sliced and prepared for sandwich and other light dining options.  These could easily be called sandwich meat, lunch meat, cold cuts,…

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Viacord Cord Blood Banking


What is kippered? Kippered usually refers to a style of food preparation involving herring, salmon or some other fish. In most cases people are referring to a herring, which is…

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Pregnant woman treating her hair

Hair Treatment During Pregnancy

Questions related to hair treatments during pregnancy are common. Most treatments involve chemicals and dyes which leave women wondering if they are safe. Different types of hair treatments include: Coloring-…

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