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Thread: things i've learned in 38 cycles.....

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    Default things i've learned in 38 cycles.....

    1. you are here and could be worse: the doctor could've just laughed at you and said "no way it'll ever happen"
    2. you are not a failure, i succomb to this feeling a lot where i feel useless and that i've failed my husband, my love, because i have not been able to stay pregnant.
    3. you are going to laugh and feel guilty and cry and feel guilty. please don't freak out, it's natural to go through a range of emotions.
    4. hormone drugs are just what they are described as, are pumping your body full up with synthetic hormones so yes you are going to be sensative and things will bother you more. people still love you even when you are crazy.
    5. please don't ever forget the reason you wanted to have a baby with the person you are ttc'ing with. the process started hopefully out of a strong love and a bond. don't forget to let your dh/so know that you love them. make love, don't just time sex and the drug cocktail.
    6. the world does not stop when you are having issues with conception. my personal feeling is that i'm not mad at the preggo mommas i'm mad that it's not me.
    7. losses are hard and will hurt deeply. forever.
    8. i know that i refuse to obsess about this. i think about it every day but it is not my every waking moment thought. if it consumes you the entire reason you started this process becomes moot.
    9. don't be afraid to love yourself in spite of everything.
    10. you will never know everything and no one book or doctor is perfect for everyone.
    11. grieve your loss of innocence on conception. those of us that have struggled at any time know that it takes more than just laying down and spreading your legs.....
    12. you will never agree with everyone on the magic combination of what to do to get pregnant. patient with each other. we are all on different cycle days at any given time.
    14. you don't have to like everyone, i don't. but i know enough about myself to love them anyway and be happy for their successes and cry for the losses.
    15. You have to love yourself no matter what and take time to take care of you! (thank you kim)
    16. don't forget or forgo the rest of your life and what you are passionate about other than ttc'ing.
    17.Always remember that good things can come from struggles, but you have to let them. Maybe your TTCing journey won't end with you getting pregnant, but it can end with you being a mother! (thank you Nicole (whynotme?)
    18. Even when you receive your BFP keep other's TTC in mind since you were once like them. (thank you reeree124)
    19. Through all the rough times, in the end we are better and stronger woman. We know if we keep trying we all get our .
    20. I am stronger than I realize and can handle any obstacle thrown at me with grace(most of the time .)( Thank You Kim!)
    21.BELIEVE. In whatever YOU believe in. And never, ever, ever, no matter what they say, say "never". (Thank You LisaJ)
    22.Belief is greater than any monetary amount spent. Continue believing.(thank you twintrons) (feel free to continue this list)
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