I've had 3 losses, first when I was 23 due to a violent act upon me. Then 2 years ago only days after a bfp, and now today at 6 weeks 1 day. I have a d&c tomorrow. I still grieve about the first, the second I barely had time to know and I know it was God's way of taking something that couldn't survive. This one is very upsetting for several reasons, it was my last chance to have a baby as I am having major surgery next year and after that having children is not possible and really I can't go through this again. I feel very guilty and sad and angry. I know it could have been a million reasons why, but when ttc, I went over all the medications I was taking and the ob ok'd them, then at my appt today the other ob at the office told me 2 are Cat C and one a Cat D.
I'm sorry that this ever has to happen. If children are a gift, why are they taken away?