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    So, for the past week I have been spotting off and on... I will get what I think is my period starting, then it tapers off and stops... next day or so the same thing happens again. This is definitely the most spotting I've ever had before my period is supposed to be here. My period is due in another 4 or 5 days, and today my spotting seems to have stopped and my CM is clear again... now just waiting for the spotting to start, but not sure if it will start or not... I've noticed my spotting peaks when I'm stressed or doing a lot of physical stuff. Saturday I did a lot of landscaping with my hubby, and I had heavier spotting, then I rested and it stopped. Yesterday I had heavier spotting right after my dental appointment, I got a crown and three fillings and was tense during the appointment, then it stopped again. It is definitely an interesting pattern... a small part of me is like, is there something else going on down there??? If so I will be like 0.o :O...seriously doubt it, but like I said in the topic title who the heck knows, hahaha...
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    Girl have you tested?

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    Exactly.....who knows until you test!!!
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