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Thread: has anybody bought fertility drugs online?

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    Default has anybody bought fertility drugs online?

    I was wandering if any of u have bought Clomid or other fertility drugs online I was on insurance and since my employer switchd plans fertility treatments are not covered ;(

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    I haven't - I'd worry about shipment and the pills getting too hot or too cold in transport. But if you find a company that's close by, it should be ok. I found a company in Canada that was pretty cheap, but then I worried how they packaged and shipped, and I decided not to order them. Maybe if you got them through Costco Pharmacy? I've heard they have better prices than CVS or the like. !!!!!
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    Clomid is super affordable through Wal-Mart as long as it's written for 25-50mg. I think it's around$10/month. There is a discount group for injectable meds. If you don't qualify, they have a group of pharmacies that offer a significant discount.

    I ordered Clomid overseas one & it took forever to arriveand was much more expensive than through a local pharmacy with a suite prescription plan.

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    Awesome ladies thank you both soo much 😄😄😄😄

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