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Thread: Want to start a thread??

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    Default Want to start a thread??

    Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to post a friendly reminder for everyone when you come in here to post a question of your own, please refrain from asking it within someone else's thread. It takes away from the OP's questions and your question might also get sidetracked in the process. If you are new to the site and would like to post your own thread, please hit the button that says "New Thread" and go from there. TIA!

    And welcome to the boards

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    LOMA1003 Guest

    Post Thanx

    Just wanted to thank you because i am new here and i didn't know how to post a new thread. now i know

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    mscarey Guest


    hi im still unclear on how to start a new thread.can u please help me

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    mscarey Guest


    never mind i see how to do it

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    Thanks for posting the message! I am newer here too and have found soo many of the threads to be helpful...I am still learning the lingo so all bear with me! hehe

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    lillybearsmom Guest


    Welcome everyone! Here if you need any help!

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    carine Guest


    hello im new here..but i can't find that button that says " new thread " and i would appreciate ur help..thank u

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    If you go out of this back to the am I pregnant page at the top and the bottom of the screen it says post thread.
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    Thank You Cause I Didnt No What To Do....

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    hey........can you be more precious i am not very clear of what you said........
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    Hi i am new here and i am not finding the button that says " new thread " and i would appreciate your help.


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    to post a new thread you have to go back out into the main room where you see the list of all the different threads. At the top on the left side of the screen is a BLUE button that says 'new thread' just click it and it will give you a box where you can type your title and thread. and welcome new ladies
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    I wanted to ask can you get pregnant if you have intercourse and theirs ejaculation involved 3 days before your menstration came?

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    Default Thank you for the help

    I'm new to this and couldn't work out how to start a new thread.

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    natalieh19 Guest


    So I'm tryning get a few other womens thoughts on weather not these symptoms that I am having weather or not there pregnancy signs or just normal please help me

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