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Thread: What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

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    4 1/2 weeks - diarrehea from 5 -15 dpo and counting(!), as soon as laid down to sleep, had to pee every like 1/2 hour! af type cramps, lower back ache, cold chills and nausea.

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    i was very moody and was very hungry at 3 am and couldnt stand the smell of liquid cheese
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    Extremely sore breasts and weird dreams about pregnancy/baby/etc. (I've been having those dreams for awhile before I tested positive, my sister had one on the day I tested positive and a distant relative whom I met like twice in my life and who lives across the globe had a dream too).

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    AF didn't come. That was my biggest clue. I had lots of symptoms, but then again, I get lots of symptoms every month, so I was beginning to not believe them. The main other new symptoms was I was extremely bloated and my uterus was having lots of little cramps all day and night, like little pinching cramps in different spots every once in a while - and AF never came.

    Other than that, nothing. I am now 5 weeks, 1 day.
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    The two main symptoms I have are headaches and constipation.. I also have some mild cramping...
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    The first thing I noticed was the nausea. It started about 5 DPO or so. I haven't had full blown morning sickness yet (thankfully) but I to get nauseous every morning during my drive to work (I am contemplating walking to work so that it doesn't happen). Other than that: a lack of bowel movements, a short-lived yeast infection, sore breasts, hunger, tired as all get out (I have been falling asleep around 8:30!) and odd cramps and pressure.
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    I felt like I had the flu...I had no idea what was wrong with me...I was coughing and sneezing and every smell made me nausous. I started sleeping all day due to extreme fatigue and then I couldnt keep anything down....not even water. I still had my period though!! So pregnancy was the last thing on my mind...On February 14, 2008 (Valentines Day) My boyfriend took me to the ER after I threw up the water I was trying to drink. I had a fever of 103 and I was just positive that I was dieing. (DRAMATIC I KNOW) The doctor took some tests....came back and informed me that I was around 6 to 8 weeks pregnant!

    We later learned that we concieved on New years. :-)

    I cried....My boyfriend laughed becasue he was happy.

    That nausea lasted three full months. I had to quit my job :-( Oh it was bad...but I feel wonderful now. I am in my ninth month and cant wait.

    Everyone is different you never know!!!! Just go to the doctor...because even the at home pregnancy tests are not as effective as many think...I took two. And they said no...they DEFI lied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by statickitty View Post
    I'm 38, and this is my first pregnancy. It was, a nice surprise.
    My fiancee is in even more of a rush to get married, before the baby is born.
    I don't know if it's me, & I hope I don't offend anyone..
    My symptoms:
    nausea (no morning sickness yet)
    feeling angry for no reason, then feeling numb, then crying..
    sensitivity to smells
    abnormal fears which i am trying to get over (afraid of falling, might hurt the baby, ect..)
    and, honestly: feeling a little sad sometimes about things i can't do while pregnant (roller coasters, ect.)..but still knowing it's worth it..
    having to urinate more frequently..
    bad stomach cramps that at like menstral cramps (is this normal?), every day, on & off all through the day..
    I really want this baby, I didn't plan it, I have such a great bf & he's very supportive..just wondering if I will better soon, or the whole nine months..
    thanks for letting me vent,
    I am finding out as much as I can bc I know nothing about pregnancy, & never thought about it bc it never happened..
    take care
    oh it will get better...I literally thought I was dieing. I cried all the time because I just felt overall uncomfortable. Just embrace it. Be proud of your belly and instead of thinking of all the things you CANT DO.. think of the things you can... like that parking space they have for expecting moms...and not having to carry heavy things... you can sleep more with no one telling you that you are can eat anything you want almost --- NO RAW MEAT OR can eat other peoples food :-) and you can shop for baby stuff!!!!

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    I have always had hectic period and delays (in this pregnancy I finally found out the most possible reason for it). So if I was ever delayed I wouldn't worry too much. But this time I just woke up one morning and felt I had to do a pregnancy test
    I didn't really have nausea or mood change in the 1st trimester. Nausea started with progesterone treatment and later on came some cravings. My mood changes appeared much later, around 5th month. Though from the beginning my breast started enlarging and from the beginning there was/is lots of gas and burping (pardon for tmi). There were lots of cramps as well but not painful just mild.
    @statickitty It is great you have an understanding person by your side. Don't worry about not knowing much - you will eventually learn. Our mothers and grandmothers didn't know anything we know now. My mother was surprised to hear about baby hiccups. She had 2 children (me and my sister) and no one ever told her about hiccups. My mother in law delivered my DH's younger sister and brother in a small mountain town in Tanzania. She went 1st time to the doctor to confirm pregnancy and 2nd time to deliver. She often laughs at me when I start getting all concerned about ultrasounds and blood tests and tells me I should take it easier cause I worry way too much
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    Missed period and butterflies in the stomach feeling

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    I was extremely crabby. It seemed like anytime my DH said anything I got irritated at him. It felt weird to sleep on my tummy and that is how I normally sleep. My breats did hurt for an entire month but, they really don't now. For a few days anytime breakfast was cooking I would get nauseated. I get extremely hungry at times and if I don't eat I'll get nauseated.

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    hi i was seeking some help i did a preg test two weeks ago pos then 3 days after neg had my bloods done last week n they were normal but las nit i had real bad pains in my tummy they were real bad calm dwn this mornin but feel heavy on my uterus and have an ache in my tummy also can't stop eating ny answers plz

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    Sakura Guest


    In the days before my missed period, I started feeling quite lightheaded.

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    Frequent urination
    Sore boobs
    and hungry alot.

    Didnt really feel nauseated till around 10 weeks.
    And i was irregular on my periods so missing a few didnt strike me that i was pregnant.

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    My eggs tasted funny one morning.
    And my nipples were a lot more tender than usual.

    And my "going to start" symptoms were AWOL.

    I just took my test two days ago. First dr. appt scheduled for Sept 24.

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    bojo Guest

    Default 6 weeks along

    breaking out (all over), extreme fatigue, sore breasts, cramping, dizziness, sudden intense irritability. When exactly am I supposed to feel as if I am glowing?

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    Really tired, got up twice per night to pee and tight pants (bloated!).
    Also bad cramps that woke me up at night - they just lasted a few days.

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    Misa Guest

    Default 6 weeks

    I am about 6 weeks pregnant, and I have had mildly tender breasts...but one is definitely more sore than the other. Has anyone else experienced this? Terribly bloated and white discharge every day. Wooziness, off and on exhaustion, irritability, strange sensations in my uterine area. Mostly, I can't seem to believe that I'm really pregnant.

    My biggest symptom is nervousness that everything will go well!


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    rach0284 Guest

    Unhappy help???

    I have had sore boobs and cramping. I did not think that cramping was a good sign within the first trimester? I am very worried. Can someone help me on this one.I thought it was a sign of misscarriage?

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    cramping is normal the first trimester. In fact, it's often confused with pre-menstrual cramps.

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    mommyx2 Guest


    I didn't have any symptoms except a missed period and peeing more often. Is that normal?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by mommyx2 View Post
    I didn't have any symptoms except a missed period and peeing more often. Is that normal?????
    that's been me too the last few days.

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    Nausea, tired a lot often and sore boobs. Other than those things, nothing much. Although I would take vomitting over sore boobs any day

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    Just found out today! This is our 2nd baby so you'd think I would suspect something but I also get symptoms that are similar to pregnancy before AF. The only thing that was unusual was the severity of weepy spells and one night I asked dh to get me chocolate ice-cream, which I do not typically crave during my period. Actually I do not tend to crave foods that strongly before or during AF & only had 2 cravings while pg with 1st dd, so the craving must have been pg-related. I think I needed the extra calories that day because I'm still bfing & dd was clinging to the bbs for dear life on that particular day!

    Meg (30), DH (40) & the 4 J's (Almost 7, 5, 3.5, 21 months)

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    For my second child it took me about 7-8 wks before i had MS and felt exhausted for no reason. But a little cramping in the first week or so.
    Good Luck!!!

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    Well, during the few days before AF I usually have some pregnancy like symptoms, but this week was really different.

    My nipples were really sore, which was usual, but I started feeling a little sick in the evening. I would get dizzy if I bent over and I always felt like I wasn't eating enough. I was also starving in the mornings. That's all that I have had so far. It isn't much but I knew something was different.

    Amanda 26 Trey 24...Married 12/31/07 Pregnant with #1 and #2!!!
    Praying for our two boys!!!

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    Constipation, cramping and headaches. Just like with my son, but a little more intense. I have a feeling this 2nd time around, everything will be just a little more intense.
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    I just found out that I am indeed pregnant so I know exactly how you are feeling! I had sore breasts like 5 days after, then like 2 1/2 weeks about 5 days before my period I had cramps and a little bit of a sore back! Now I think if you just really pay attention to your body and know what is normal or not you might be able to tell different signs. Good Luck!

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    missed AF, wanted choc ice-cream out of nowhere (but attributed to coming AF), headaches, light cramps but not the level of AF. Week of BFP, peed like crazy (I never awaken to pee at night unless pg), 14 month old nursing felt weird, but can't tell if due to pregnancy or her having more teeth??? Salty food cravings, esp ketchup. Aversions to greasy things, chicken, smell of Yankee Candle "Sugar Cookie" scent (dry heaves), coffee.

    Meg (30), DH (40) & the 4 J's (Almost 7, 5, 3.5, 21 months)

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    I'm newly pregnant, first time. Early symptoms are fuller,tender breasts, fatigue, dyspepsia. I've been burping a lot and have heartburn more often, but no nausea or vomiting. I hope this is the worst of it!

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