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Thread: What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

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    Looking back - I had bleeding gums (they never bled while flossing), sore boobs and was a little tired. Not long after testing positive it became a queasy feeling, sore boobs and a horrible metallic taste in my mouth. Then all of that disappeared but the constipation kicked in. Bring on the prune juice.

    Good luck to you all.
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    Default different this time

    I have been feeling a little woozy off and on, queezy and crampy too. I'm always tired, so that wasn't really a tip off!! My face (which has been breaking out horribly!) was relatively clear this week...that was honestly the thing that got me thinking...
    On top of that heartburn that comes and goes all day and of course sore and heavyfeeling (.)(.). I did not feel this sick with my son, just some mild nausea, sore boobs and tiredness.
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    1st pregnancy- no symptoms at all- 1 twinge during sex that made me think "Did I just get pregnant?" BFP 8 days before period. MC at 7 weeks.

    2nd pregnancy- same twinge during sex, randomly throwing up at 4 weeks...not nauseous but would suddenly just have to puke and then be fine again. MC at 9 weeks.

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    One of my breasts was really sore in one area ... I was concerned something was really about a week or so I got my BFP!

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    greenilady89 Guest


    Cramps similar to period cramps, nausea without vomiting, tiredness, and a lot of dizziness.
    I'm heading into my 9th month and those symptoms have returned which is usually common at the end. During my 4th-7th month I did not experience the nausea or dizziness but I've been tired since week 8.

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    greenilady89 Guest


    Cramps similar to period cramps, nausea without vomiting, tiredness, and a lot of dizziness.
    I'm heading into my 9th month and those symptoms have returned which is usually common at the end. During my 4th-7th month I did not experience the nausea or dizziness but I've been tired since week 8.

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    Cramps similar to period cramps, nausea without vomiting, tiredness, and a lot of dizziness.
    I'm heading into my 9th month and those symptoms have returned which is usually common at the end. During my 4th-7th month I did not experience the nausea or dizziness but I've been tired since week 8.
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    this stupid post thing did not work sorry for the extra posts**

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    nausea and vomiting right away and of course the missed period

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    I just got my BFP on Friday, but I knew I needed to test because my boobs are seriously sore and I was having some weird cramps that felt different than AF cramps. However, this morning, the morning sickness started!
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    I noticed a change in my body shape. Added with no AF and my breasts had grown.
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    I had AF cramps a few days before my missed period, that's how I knew I was preggers. Then the very sensitive nips, tiredness, nausea, no AF... probably more to come Lol.

    I'm 24, Hun's 29, M/c March '08, and our Dorian (2/23/09)

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    Exhausted! I have never been this tired in my life! Then my boobs were sore a little bit at first but I just thought I was going to start my period. Then I was a week late so I took a test and it was positive! Now my boobs are killing me and I'm still so tired!

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    I feel so much better that other women have the mild cramping as well. But it freaks me out!

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    This pregnancy...tested positive light week past.
    What made me test?
    Instant aversion to cigar smoke. My DF smokes them occasionally while he has been stressed with school and work. I don't smoke very often, 2-5 times a year.
    But lately the smell makes me wanna hurl. I usually enjoy it.
    Coffee tastes like ash tray water or ash tray dumped in milk.
    Loss of my locust appetite and 8 lbs without any real change. Want milk (allergic) want livermush (restricted from diet) want Sundrop (dont drink soda usually) and want grilled shark. using Dill and mint on EVERYTHING.
    I am noticing odors more. Sex was a lil uncomfy. And period late.
    Little spotting the other day, nausea in morning.
    That's so far... it's early in the game.
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    I just got a BFP!! This morning! I knew I would because I have been feeling extreme fatigue-not all day, just all of a sudden. Also, tender breasts and increased CM.

    Ive always Just known-mothers intuition i guess!

    I have been pregnant (this will be my 5th time), but only my first was fullterm. Each was slightly different.

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    And I'm wondering why I hadn't made the connection before this.

    So, I know the typical early symptoms. I even have a couple - no AF, nausea (just a wee bit...for the excitement of it all, I'm sure), cramps, constipation, exhaustion, etc. etc.

    I have also been having the most terrible insomnia. I want to sleep (man, oh man do I want to sleep), but I'm just So Uncomfortable. Mainly, I'm just too hot.

    I've never heard of insomnia being one the symptoms of pregnancy.

    However, once I read enough comments about an increased temperature, I made the connection. Thank you, ladies!

    Whew! And I was worried it was a sign of something being wrong - my not being able to sleep.

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    I second that. I feel like AF is creeping up on me...despite a positive over the counter pregnancy test and other obvious symptoms. If only those darn cramps would just leave me alone!

    Why am I in this Bee costume, Mom?

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    Well lets see...I was super tired, nauseated/vomiting, headaches, backaches, extremely moody, runny nose, itchy eyes (which never happens) and no period. WIth my other 2 pregnancies my boobs gave it away but not this time.

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    MrsB21 Guest


    My boobs were waaaay more sensitive than usual, and some spotting. The spotting was much different than a period, so I took a test and success!

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    cissykenny Guest

    Default symptoms

    hi, i am new to this site, but i have been reading this forum for about a week now. hehe, i was checking for symptoms. i found out yesterday that i am pregnant, and i want to share my symptoms with others.
    first about 3dpo i felt really, really bloated and crampy. this went on for a few days. then came headaches and gas, oh and moodiness. real bad moodiness. plus munchies for like the whole time, and i never get the munchies.
    i hope this information is any good.

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    cissykenny Guest

    Default symptoms

    oh ya, tired too. real, real tired. still am. and this is my second baby.

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    From what I remember, I was very tired and hungry all the time, all the pregnancy symptoms were shown by my boyfriend. Very moody, tired, hungry, picky, and morning and evening vomitting.

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    At first, I had lower back pain, mild cramping, and my boobs were super sore. Now, I don't have an appetite, am super tired, and pee a lot...the lower back pain and cramping has eased up a little bit.

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    Jennifer J. James Guest

    Default 5 weeks pregnant

    Just hoping its a GIRL!!! My breasts were my first real sign, mine get sore about 2-3 days before my period, and this time they were sore a little over 2 weeks b4, and they also almost immediately started feeling more full, I have 2 boys (4 & 5) so believe me they weren't very big. Had some menstrual cramping about the time the boobs got sore and I usually didn't hane those until I had already started, and very snippy, moody, *****y. Used the ovulation calculator on this sight and it worked the first time!! My husband and I are kind of in shock, thought it would take longer....but we're happy!! Oh yea also tired, and had to pee about every hour on the hour....much more aware of these symptoms than I was with the first 2, I guessed because we planned this one and the other two just happened.
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    I was having trouble sleeping at night and I had a mild head ache through out the day. I also got very emotional and weepy the week before I found out.

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    Oh where to begin?
    -First, I CRAVED fried food, that was my first clue because I rarely crave that stuff.
    -had implantation spotting
    -nipples were sore
    -forgetfulness, and ditsyness
    -nausea, not to the point of throwing up but just felt like it
    -the day before i got my bfp, i took a nap (feeling exhausted) and woke up with the WORST metallic taste in my mouth! almost like blood...
    -since the bfp i've had extremely light spotting
    -cramping in pelvic area as well as lower back
    -extremely tired
    -my newest thing is i get a really sharp pain about halfway up my back on the right side of my spine. it goes as fast as it comes...does anyone else have that?

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    Sore breasts, trouble sleeping, sensitivity to smells, bloating and cramping.
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    Feeling very tired and weak when spending time outside in extreme heat.
    VERY nauseous on the day I think implantation was happening.
    Indigestion for a couple days (which I have never had in my whole life).
    Breast tenderness unlike pre-AF: very sore nipples (purple in centers) and sore on outside of breasts toward armpits.
    Metallic/pennies taste in mouth.
    Copious amounts of CF.
    Obsessive searching of all web-sites to do with early pregnancy symptoms.
    In the two weeks after testing, it constantly felt like AF was here: mild cramps, active CF. EXTREME bloating and constant pressure/mild cramp on left side of abdomen. Couldn't keep pants buttoned in car, seatbelt uncomfortable.

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    statickitty Guest

    Question Five and a half weeks..

    I'm 38, and this is my first pregnancy. It was, a nice surprise.
    My fiancee is in even more of a rush to get married, before the baby is born.
    I don't know if it's me, & I hope I don't offend anyone..
    My symptoms:
    nausea (no morning sickness yet)
    feeling angry for no reason, then feeling numb, then crying..
    sensitivity to smells
    abnormal fears which i am trying to get over (afraid of falling, might hurt the baby, ect..)
    and, honestly: feeling a little sad sometimes about things i can't do while pregnant (roller coasters, ect.)..but still knowing it's worth it..
    having to urinate more frequently..
    bad stomach cramps that at like menstral cramps (is this normal?), every day, on & off all through the day..
    I really want this baby, I didn't plan it, I have such a great bf & he's very supportive..just wondering if I will better soon, or the whole nine months..
    thanks for letting me vent,
    I am finding out as much as I can bc I know nothing about pregnancy, & never thought about it bc it never happened..
    take care

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