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Thread: What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

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    odessiec Guest


    my erliestsymptom was the day i thought i was going to start my period a week early and i just felt the surge of horomones like i normally do and my breasts felt heavy and tender..normally the horomone surge is pretty average feeling for me but this time i got it was like i got hit by a truck and i had two spots the next day then i knew something was up! i eased up on my drinking and smoking and waited for my period to period came so i waited about half a week and took the clear blue easy and viola! i was actually pregnant all drinking and smoking ceased that week before i even took the test. i am now 17 weeks and been going throughmorning sickness for a while now. i also remember that the day i felt that massive explosion of horomones is probably the day the baby implanted...i guess its true then sometimes you just know..i am 34 and was never able to concieve and never thought it would happen after so many "false" pregnancy symptoms i now know its true..when you know you know. i even remember having an x-ray on my foot the weekend befoer the homone surege where i was instinctivly protecting my uterus for some odd reason i felt the need too "in case i might get pregnant in the future" i thought to myself ..weird now that i look back at all the events hopefully my instincts stay sharp like that in the future right? haha oh and i do remember getting the farts really bad all the time!
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    odessiec Guest


    this is a list of what i am currently experiencing about half of it started 7weeks into the pregnancy....
    Sore Boobs Cramping Farting! having to pee all the time- cant fall asleep - cant get enough sleep -bladder infections come and go despite the fact i drink so much water juice or whatever but mostly water - BLEEDING GUMS (HAS STOPPED) HEARTBURN ALL THE TIME - NECK PAIN -Nausea (Crackers Dont Work for Me I Eat Baked Lays Potato Chips Plain And Salt Free Snyder Pretzels - Coke Did Not Work So I Had Sprite - I Get Bored Of Stuff Real Quick I Hate Having To Eat And Drink So Much So I Buy A Huge Variety Of Snacks, Fruity Luna Bars Baby Mandrin Oranges And Celery Stalks) Sciatic Back Pain - Upper Back Pain - Sore Joints Hips And Knees! Big Ol Belly In The Way Of Sleeping (i Used To Sleep On My Stomache Now I Sleep On The Couch And Toss And Turn All Night From Right Side To Left..grr) Headaches And Everything Smelled So Bad (thats Starting To Go Away) So Tired And Sleepy And Loss Of Energy And Lots Of Throwing Up (carefull When Brushing Teeth That Starts My Gag Reflex - And Coughing Can Start My Gag)a constant bad taste in my mouth no mint or chew can take away and a "bubbly gurgly" stomache all the time! i get "wheezy" walking up stairs! feeling out of shape... yup i got to experience it all and who knows whats next? Pregnancy Is Not For The Weak - Now I Know Why Women Get Pregnant And Not Men...there Is No Way They Could Handle What We Go Through And Im Only Half Way There On My First! Oh Boy It Has Been Fun..did I Mention Not Being Able To Wear My Favorite Cute Clothes Anymore And Sqezzing Into 2x! (thats If I Cant Find Any Maternity Clothes...) But Im Still Happy To Oblige My Little Miracle And Currently Making A Blanket With Crochet Hook....yes Mommy Will Go Through All This For Her Little One - All For You Baby! Cant Wait To Meet My Little Hero!
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    odessiec Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by RamyMiller View Post
    My latest symptom, water make me nausious, can you believe that!??! but the sore BBs and being hungry, while cannot make up my mind on what to eat!!
    yup for me i could only have aquafina - weird huh? some water just tasted bad or smelled bad. i can never decide what to eat but the two things i dont have a problem with is steak or baked potato so i crave that the most. 3 months so far with the morning sickness that lasts all day..its better now that i keep a constant flow of either food or fluids but try not have them together..and dont eat too much (even though i want to just eat so much miday)

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    I'm 9 weeks and have yet to have any real symptoms. I have sore boobs, which, they are sore all the time anyway from about a week til af comes til a week after its over, and of course, no af. But I have to be honest, if it weren't for a positive pee test at the dr, I wouldn't think I was pregnant.

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    Joyce Yard Guest


    My first symptoms were tenderness in the breasts and fatigue (tired all the time)!!!

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    Nauseous in the AM had it crossing my mind but the bigger sign was the day I woke up with such sore breasts I thought I had cancer! I was showering in shock thinking about making a DR apt to be checked when it all clicked

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    vickyh2920 Guest


    I have had a huge increase in my sensitive to smell, VERY sore boobs, the "tugging" in my abdomen.

    The only one I really have a problem with so far is the smell, people shouldn't bath in their colonges

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    weepiness - i started crying watching the world cup because some players were switching jerseys after the game and i thought it was very sweet.

    also had some mild nausea, sore boobs, and heightened sense of smell. my kitchen reeks of pepperoni and fish (although i'm apparently the only one who can smell it!)

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    The first thing that happened before my BFP was itchy tender breasts! And over emotional for sure! But I thought it was because my period was soon LOL boy was I wrong! Now I am extremely tired all the time and smells bother me a lot sometimes (the worst offender being my hubby's energy drink YUK!) My appetite is up and down and OF COURSE I pee ALL THE TIME! LOL just happy I have no morning sickness!

    Make a pregnancy ticker

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    kcoral Guest


    I realized I was pregnant only because a missed period and a little bit of soreness on my breasts.
    I am 11 weeks pregnant and everybody is asking what are/were my morning sickness symptons. I dont' have any, I feel more energized than before (my friend thinks are the vitamins, I go to the bathroom better than ever (eating more fruits maybe has to do with that)and I am not tired or sleepy (other than last Saturday that I went an entire day to the mall with my mom and we walked for hours, but isn't that normal).
    Other than that I feel blessed because I hear so many horror stories about morning sickness.

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    My BB were painfully sore 2 weeks before AF and they never get painful before AF. Every day after my missed AF, I got more and more excited. Then the morning I would finally take an HPT, My tastebuds increased in sensitivity as well. Tabasco sauce (with my eggs for b-fast) burned me so much that I did a double-take and reread the bottle, thinking it was something else, coz I usually cannot get enough of that stuff! That sealed the deal!

    No nausea until today...meh.

    EDIT: My DH and I started to have a bet a few days before AF was due that we argue (due to MY PMS) so I marked the argument on my calendar. I always deny PMS-ing and told him that I am probably pregnant. He replied that then it was a win-win situation for him. So now he owes me a steak dinner for the bet so it was a win-win for me too.
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    I get blood in my nose very early on (days before AF is due) and it doesn't go away for the duration of my pregnancy.

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    MysticAmber Guest


    Bloating, hungry ALL the time, nauseous, gas, constipation ... I don't know how much my nipples hurt because of being pregnant or how much is because they're still healing from being pierced in July!

    I was in denial, but deep down, I just knew.

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    My first clue was implantation bleeding and I completely thought it was AF. I even had two shots of grey goose that day (oops)!! The spotting never got darker and was just when I wiped. It lasted about 4 days on and off. I took about 2 or 3 hpts before I got a very light positive. After that I noticed that my breast were a little sore, felt a little dizzy and as so as week 5 started then came some morning sickness.

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    With DD I had period like cramping, although AF never showed up.
    With this one I was constanty peeing and I knew it was not an UTI so I figured I was pregant even though it took 3 weeks of testing to finally get a positive
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    You know with my first I did not really have any symptoms. But a few weeks before i found out about this one I had a terrible backache, hurt from top to bottom. I thought I might have a UTI and went to minor med, no UTI, they gave me pain pills. The next day I was fine.

    With this one and the last one I felt sick around week 5 and 6 but never threw up and pretty much when up hill from there.

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    Elizabeth_A Guest


    I have so far only had a general feeling of not feeling well. Mostly queasy. I just got the + today! It is our first and I am really excited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elizabeth_A View Post
    I have so far only had a general feeling of not feeling well. Mostly queasy. I just got the + today! It is our first and I am really excited.
    Congratulations! I remember when I first took a digital home pregnancy test and saw the word "Pregnant"...I went crazy!! The week before I decided to take a PG test, I got very sick. It was the first day on a new job and I barely made it through the day. When I got home, I laid down with my husband and he felt that I had a fever. I was burning up, feeling yucky, tossing and turning in the bed, couldn't keep still. I had so many urges to throw up, but never did. Just felt like a horrible flu.

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    babybug78 Guest


    Im 2 months pregnant and i am fatigued and nauseated with vomitting

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    Extreme fatigue & nausea.

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    Headache for 3 days (unusual for me) and erratic BBT's.

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    Sore breasts, lower abdominal cramping mainly on one side, constipation, moodiness, fatigue, loss of concentration

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    princedavis Guest


    I think the next morning. All day every day. I was anxious to be pregnant so I Was into smocks as soon as I Was two and a half months. In those days people smoked,that made me gag, I craved peaches and tomatoes and planter s penury. I cried once when my husband brought beer nuts and Spanish peanuts instead.

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    I think headaches were my very first symptom. I don't normally get headaches and I was getting them every day around week 4 (didn't know I was pg yet). Also have flu like symptoms - achey, feverish but only in the evenings off and on. I've had less patience with my 2 year old. That started around week 4 too which made me suspect I was pg. Slowly my sense of smell has become more sensitive with a couple bouts of very mild queasiness. Light cramping and backaches early on but those seem to have subsided lately. I'm 6 weeks now and don't really feel like i have constant symptoms. Oh except for heartburn - that's pretty much an everyday thing now.
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    I am due on Aug 7.. My symptoms were sore breasts (which was very unusual for me), back pain (I was feeling like AF will come anytime), milk made me sick, feeling tired at times, always wanted to lie in the bed and above all had cramping for about 3 weeks. But feels so happy going through all this for our first lil one
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    Heightened sense of smell, mucus discharge and tender breasts and nausea.

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    sweetie_pie Guest


    I am 8 weeks with my first, I had a missed period, but I also felt like I was getting a cold. I had a really stuffy and runny nose at the same time. One nostril would run the other would be stuffy.. wierd. And my boobs hurt on the sides close to my armpits.. I also felt really exhuasted and my husband said I was having severe PMS and emotional about everything!

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    I tested positive on 10DPO, on CD 24 of 28. I have tested positive every day since, and am currently only 12 DPO, CD 26 of 28. My symptoms have been similar to AF symptoms: bloating, sore breasts, heartburn, burping, emotional; a few new/unusual symptoms I noticed starting 9 DPO were: really sore breasts (and usually my sore breasts start to go away about this point in a normal cycle - but instead they got worse), nipples getting darker each day, and gently tugging/pinching cramps on my right side. There have been a few other symptoms, but I'm not sure if they're pregnancy related or just me reading every little symptom into my positive results (increased saliva, creamy CM lasting long after O, pressure in my lower abdomen like I'm full or constipated, skin break out on my chin, heightened smelling abilities). I've heard that cravings can't start this early - but I'm wondering if my very recent love of original recipe KFC chicken skin (the crunchier, the better) and also black olives might be related to this.
    We shall see! Praying for a H&H 9 months for me and all of you!
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    mamabear2 Guest


    Mine was nose bleeds, very light and really bad lower back pain. Not to mention the urge to sleep all day.

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    cdvdson83 Guest


    I feel like i'm having extreme symptoms sometimes!

    I am so tired I could sleep my entire day away if I was allowed to, my breasts are killing me (I am about to invest in an entire woredrobe of tank tops with built in bras), nausea all day long, vomitting, implantation cramping, but im really not that hungry (probably because of the nausea), and I can smell everything! Changing the garbage out the other day made me gag!

    I heard that women with pronounced symptoms should be concerned about multiples! Oh me Oh my!

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