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Thread: What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

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    GAangel27 Guest


    The first sign of pregnancy for me was really sore nipples. Now that I am 7 weeks pregnant, I have morning sickness, my nipples and breasts are still sore, sore (stretching) abdomen and I am hungry all the time. I have to eat every 2 hours or I feel sick.

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    zercath Guest

    Default my baby ****

    nice these are the pictures

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    modelandsataya Guest

    Default First Pregnancy...

    I just found out that I was pregnant! So far, I have just been sleepy and have been wanting to drink ice cold milk.

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    Sore breasts and an extremely tight bra
    Five hours of yuck every morning (my version of morning sickness)
    Pelvic Soreness
    Craving for sunflower seeds

    Urk. I hate this part.


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    I have been feeling like I have been coming down with something all of this week! I just got a BFP this afternoon!

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    mriposa Guest


    Nothing but sore breast until 3 days ago. Now, food all seems disgusting and I am barely eating. Constipation. And i seem to be a snot factory.

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    KM75 Guest


    My symptoms were my breasts started feeling bigger. I can't really explain it because they weren't really sore just felt different. I started feeling nauseous really early but I get nauseous when I ovulate so I wasn't sure if it was all in my head. And I was really moody.

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    with my daughter: none, i never had the first symptom
    with this pregnancy: tiredness and increased sensitivity to smells. i can smell candles across the room that have never even been lit!

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    with Caleb: no AF & tired
    with this one :very tired. MS early

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    Extremely tired and a heightened sense of smell, but that was basically all I had.

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    So happy I finally get to post here! I had menstrual type cramping a week and a half before my period was due but I normally have that with PMS. I am currently 4w 2d and still have this cramping. The cramping seems much worse when I need to use the bathroom. The girls were/are very sore and my nipples were very sensitive and a little sore. Much more than normal PMS soreness. A little more tired and emotional than normal. This is all before AF was due. If it were not for the extra soreness in the girls, I would have thought my period was coming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LisaJ2224 View Post
    2) I can smell everything (even myself. TMI, I know, but seriously...I noticed that over a week ago. Not a bad smell, but odd and driving me nuts and DH hasn't really noticed a change).
    That was my earliest symptom--I was SUPER sensitive. WARNING! TMI, but when I went to the bathroom I noticed a change in the way my pee smelled. I went from no scent to picking up a certain smell I don't know how to describe (wasn't bad, just something "different"). But I immediately remembered that smell from early in my first pregnancy. So I took a home test and it came back negative...but I wasn't convinced. I KNEW I was pregnant. I scheduled a visit with my OB (not telling her about the neg. test at home) and was given a blood test. Sure enough, I got a phone call saying it was pos...

    After that, every other symptom was overshadowed during the entire first trimester by my extreme nausea (and thankfully not as much vomiting as the first!). With my first, even certain words triggered a big "chicken" and "salad". It was a sad, sad time

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    Tired, crampy, and super queasy ALL the time!!! I'm having a really hard time eating anything!

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    I am on my 14th week and I guess, I can say I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't experience morning sickness. All I felt during my 9th week is tender breasts but that too came and went barely noticed. Nowadays, I have this occasional itching in my left breast. But hey, I would welcome any discomfort just as long as my baby is safe inside. What is a little pain as compared to the wonderful gift we're having right?
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    Low blood sugar/almost fainting spell (on Friday)
    Sore breasts (Saturday and Sunday)
    Positive home pregnancy test (on Monday)

    Nausea hit about 8 weeks..I've only thrown up 3 times thank Jesus
    Started getting really hungry more often
    My boobies are still sore 5 weeks later and I've already gone up from an A to a B

    Oh and my sense of smell from the time I conceived I believe!
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    LittleMissus Guest


    I just found out this weekend, but I suspected because I felt queasy and had cramps long before I usually did. Now I have cramps, lower back pain, I can't make it through the day without peppermint tea and mints, I can't stand really salty things, and I am so tired! I don't have heightened smell though, its almost like I can't smell as well as I used to! My breasts aren't very tender, but they are more sensitive. I spotted a bit yesterday which, combined with the cramps, scared me a little...but from what I read that can be normal, so I'm trying not to freak out about it. I think I'd feel more excited if I didn't feel so icky. Hopefully after the doctor's app. it will feel more real!!!

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    I was super DH told me that I was preggo before I even tested
    I had/have VERY sore breasts...can't even sleep on my side they hurt so bad...
    Had bad m/s week 6-8 now just nauseated at the sight of meat or something i'm not "craving".

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    redheadunraveled Guest


    Just frequent trips to the bathroom and sore breasts. Thought it was a UTI and normal AF symptoms. Found out @ 8 weeks.

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    Just found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant. (First post btw!) The only symptom I can really point out is an increase in very strange and vivid dreams every night. And now, my period hasn't shown up.

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    So, I've had a lot of Cervical Mucus, random nausea, mild cramping, breast tenderness (Which has slowly begun to subside..), and Fatigue.

    I don't think I should be worried about any of that, should I? (First pregnancy)
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    I just got my BFP today after trying since MAY!!!!
    Lately Ive been really really tired...Thought it was just d/t watching my 20 month old nephew for the past two weeks, working full time, and going to school with 2 tests and paper due within the next week
    I have also been having some heartburn type nausea (I usually have major nausea on my first day of my period)
    and the one thing that made me think mostly about it is the fact that Ive been having major leg cramps, so much so i went to the doc last week to have lab work drawn for my electrolytes (everything is fine) didn't do a pregnancy test then because I thought I was low in potassium.

    If all of these symptoms were separate I wouldn't think a thing about it but I am a few days late so I gave it a chance and it was a BFP!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mommaduck View Post
    I just got my BFP today after trying since MAY!!!!
    Congrats sweetie!! I just got mine tonight

    My first symptoms were VERY sore, heavy breasts.
    a major cold which I didn't attribute at first but now makes perfect sense. I was very sick like this with my first ds.
    Frequent peeing, heartburn that I only get when pg, gas - smelly fart gas. LOL My temps were sorta wonky to start with but then got and stayed high. Craving/enjoying frozen raspberries in gingerale - neither of which I normally like a lot. Increase in CM, and dizziness. Oh.. and crying over EVERYTHING. even cartoons! lol

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    A major wave of nausea before my period was even due.
    Lots of twingy weird abdomen feelings lasting about a week.
    A drop of implantation blood after sex one night (sorry if that is TMI).
    Then nausea started in when my period came (it was very light and watery).
    I was thoroughly exhausted as well and starving all of the time.
    I was also lucky enough to additionally be constipated and then around week 9 I also got heartburn. I'm currently between 10 and 11 weeks and the nausea eased up A LITTLE, the heartburn is dependent on what I eat, and the constipation is constant.
    I had an increase in CM in the beginning but it's normal now. I am lucky that I haven't had a lot of emotional feelings happening, but I'm afraid that is around the corner. Oh, and my 34A breasts are now about 36B. Definitely needing to go do some bra shopping.
    Last but not least, I have been desperate for banana splits, carrots with peanut butter, and oranges.

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    My first symptom was smelling EVERYTHING at around 11dpo including my DHs cologne that smelled awful and had me choking. I started getting nauseated 13dpo and sorry for TMI but throwing up in my mouth, It was soooo gross! I think I had been throwing up in my mouth for 3-5 days, it was so gross. I was also moody according to DH and Ohhh, the backaches were AWFUL! I told DH a week before my beta that if I wasn't pregnant, I'd be mad that my back was hurting me so bad. I refused to take tylenol for it and I usually do get backaches before AF is due, but these were triple the pain. Oh and Starving all the time especially in the mornings.

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    Just got BFP this morning...I am 5 weeks now! My only symptom so far has been missed period! I have also NOT been experiencing my usual AF symptoms (sore breasts, cramps, bloating, etc).

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    My appetite increased nearly three times!!

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    I'm having extrememly tender BB's. Sparatic lightning bolt pains in lower abdominal area, and frequent urination.
    Got my BFP today, January 26th.

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    Got my BFP again this past sunday. SO far I have noticed on and off the following symptoms:
    Hot Flashes
    Mild cramps at times
    Vivid dreams
    Nausea at times
    p.s. these symptoms have been different from the last two times I was preggers.

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    1st time poster and 1st time pregnant.
    Tested positive on Sunday.
    Have super-hero smell... wish i could use it to fight crime or something.
    very crampy (is that normal??)
    more CM than usual. gassy. burping alot. headaches and mild back ache.
    lots of breathless-ness the 2 weeks before period was due.

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    I had very sore (.)(.) and cramping also felt unusually calm

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