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Thread: What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

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    joshuajstew Guest


    Extremely sore breats and skin changes. Very frequent urination and just the feeling that I was about to start my period but it never came. I had no morning sickness at all! Thank God!

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    sellag Guest

    Unhappy 8 weeks

    I cannot get out of bed! I am sleeping a lot. I am so freaking tired and am not going to gym everyday like I used to :-( I hope this goes away!

    And the breast tenderness, does this ever end? OMG!!

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    I'm at 9 weeks. My symptoms were mild, starting about a week before I tested (at 6 weeks). We went on a trip the week before, I was exhausted half the time, and didn't handle the heat as well as I usually do. Tested the day after I got home.
    No morning sickness so far, but I have been unusually tired, with random backaches. And having to eat every 2-ish hours.
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    My period was one month late, I waited to take a pregnancy test because I was in a car accident and thought the medication was the cause and 3 preg. test later that wasnt the case lol

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    Well, I have to be honest. I have been on fertility for a year and had 2 miscarriages since Nov., so I think most the time I sense symptoms that may or may not be there, but one VERY strong symptom for me was sleeping. I DO NOT nap. I was only 12DPO and took a 3 hour nap on a Saturday and repeated that on Sunday. Very odd. I just couldn't hold my eyes open at all both days. It was go lay down or fall asleep watching my step son play cars in his room.

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    My symptoms, thus far, are very similar to AF. I've had a bit of spotting, mild cramps and I feel tired. The only thing that made me suspect I might be pg is continued high temps and missed a AF. Since I was charting, I do have this DPO info...which in retrospect gives clues..but doesn't give "for sure" signs:

    1-7 dpo nothing
    8 dpo spotting
    9 dpo spotting
    10-11 dpo nothing
    12 dpo cramps
    13 dpo cramps, creamy cm, high temp
    14 dpo " "
    15 dpo " "
    16 dpo " ", tired
    17 dpo " "
    18 dpo " "

    I hope this helps give hope to those people who have no 2ww symptoms that are out of the ordinary...I really don't feel too different, yet!
    me (35) dh (34) dd (2) and ds (March 2012)

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    MsToi Guest


    My name is Tiffany and i'm new to the forum... but thought I'd just dive in... Here is my TTC journey complete with symptoms resulting with my BFP!

    1. D&C of Miscarried Twins: Friday, March 13, 2009.
    2. First Menstrual Period after D&C of Twin Miscarriage: April 21, 2009
    3. Menstrual Period: May 23, 2009
    4. Last Menstrual Period: June 22, 2009
    5. Average Cycle 30-31 days
    6. Intimate Monday, July 6th, NEGATIVE (-) OPK.
    7. Intimate Wednesday, July 8th. Also felt low abdominal “cramping” (no pain) and had + OPK.
    8. According to ovulation calendar and POSITIVE (+) OPK, I ovulated on or +/- 2 days of July 8th.
    9. Sunday, July 12, 2009, no symptom early in the day, however, was bloated and gassy prior to bed (around 11:30 p.m.)
    10. Monday, July 13, 2009. Feeling a little heavy in my lower abdomen and feeling pressure in my very lower back. Also noticed Creamy white CM. If the ovulation calendar is correct, I should be 5 DPO.
    11. Wednesday, July 15, 2009, 7 DPO took a First Response Pregnancy Test. NEGATIVE (-).
    12. Thursday, July 16, 2009 noticed slight nipple sensitivity. I am approx. 8 DPO. (Later in the day) Have been eating like a pig ALL day. So tired… Also heavy in my abdomen and pressure in my lower back.
    13. Friday, July 17, 2009 weird abdominal sensations. “Poking” around belly button. Lower back pressure continued, I am 9 DPO. Decided to prematurely take a First Response Pregnancy Test @ around 11 a.m. (First morning urine not used obviously), received a very, very, very faint second line, which disappeared after a half an hour. Will test tomorrow for a more definitive result. 
    14. Saturday, July 18, 2009, 10 DPO@ 6:45 a.m., POSITIVE (+), Clear Blue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test. No mistaking this result!  BTW… this is 4 days before my expected period.
    15. Tuesday, July 21, 2009, 13 DPO@ 7:40 a.m. With pregnancy already confirmed now waves of nausea and extreme fatigue.

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    dria_h Guest


    Congrats to you Tiffany! I am 14 weeks today and I am super excited. My early pregnancy symptoms were slightly sore breasts and fatigue. Morning sickness did not kick in until almost 10 weeks and its a once every other week type thing. So far I've had an easy pregnancy. Congrats to all of the new moms and baby dust to all who are trying to conceive. Feel free to stop by and visit my pregnancy journal.


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    I have been very sick!!!!!!!. feeling extremely tired, nausea, and no appetite. And lots more...

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    Red face

    I just tested two days ago and it was positive. I knew all along though. Since i ovulated i knew something was up. I dont get cramps when i ovulate. On july 24 (i also monitored my ovulation with monitor) i had horrible cramps on my right and middle above my pelvic bone cramps. Since that day every day i have cramps. Alos, i can sleep all night and when i get up, 2 hours later i want to go back to sleep. When i smell food in the morning i want to gag. My breasts have been hurting for a few days now.My middle and lower back hurt so bad its not funny. oh, and i have to pee every hour. So basically i have all the symptoms of pregnancy.. fun huh?

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    I can't remember if I've ever posted here! hehe
    My earliest symptoms were the increased salivation, stuffy nose, and sapped energy allll day long.
    In my first pregnancy (which ended in m/c), I had a metallic taste in my mouth, was tired, and had a headache.

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    My breasts hurt exponentially worse than with any other period I've ever had. They were engorged and super-sore! I also had a lot of mental fuzziness - couldn't concentrate at all. I wondered why I was tired and just couldn't seem to catch up on rest. The morning sickness (aka ALL-DAY sickness, didn't come until week 4 or 5).
    Me (34), DH (36), DS1, DS2 & 1 Angel (1/17/2012)

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    starsgoblu Guest


    I m/c'd, but I want to share anyways. My period was a day late and i had fatigue, diziness, sore BBs, and some morning sickness.

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    I tested positive on 8/2 and conceived on 7/15. Within 2 days of conception, I felt a pulling in my abdomen. It lasted on and off for a few days. Then the cramping began (felt like menstral cramps) and continued on and off until the day I missed my period. Since then, I've been extremely tired, extremely thirsty, and sometimes my lower back hurts or my boobs are sore. No morning sickness yet. Hope this helps!

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    mollymae Guest


    i am not excepting now,

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    severe lower back ache... especially when i first get up in the morning...

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    Ashli Andersen Guest


    Heartburn for no apparent reason- even before my missed period. I had the "feeling" of being pregnant, which I can't explain. I just knew. 3 days later, had a positive pregnancy test, and due in late April I guess.

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    alyssafluff Guest


    My first pregnancy back in March this year, I unfortunately miscarried, I had the following early sysmptoms:

    1. Very flushed looking
    2. Thirsty
    3. Hot
    4. Implantation bleeding

    then sore boobs and all day nausea.

    This pregnancy and nearly 10 weeks along:

    1. Very tired
    2. Thirsty
    3. Over-whelming urge to eat cheese of the melted variety.
    4. All day nausea

    Then sore boobs, bad wind, bloated and at 8 weeks very sore pubic bone.
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    My breasts were getting a lot more tender and sensitive... and I would pee a lot more often than usual
    Luckily, I never threw up until yesterday but I think it was smthg I ate.

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    I remember being very gassy which is very unusual for me but i didnt look at it as a symptom, I got very exhausted for about 3-4 days and i couldnt even walk fast. I felt like a zombie then the exhaustion went away, I recall my nipples were hard for about 3 days in a row, very unusual. I ate orange chicken about 3 days in a row, I was bloated way earlier in cycle than usual. All before bfp. And oh, very crampy as if af was coming but never did.
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    Default early pg symptoms

    for me it was metallic taste in mouth, pulling crampies in tummy, wretching when opening fridge door, and overall exhaustion. oh, and terrible, worst ever, gas. (sorry TMI!)

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    Let's see out my three pregnancies (1-Full Term, 2-Early Miscarriage, 3-Nearly 12 weeks along now. . .)

    1) With my first, I was exhausted starting 12 dpo (or so)- and my my grandma said I looked "peaked" that day. I wanted to nap anywhere anytime - highly unusual for me. I also started having to get up at 4 or 5 am to go to the bathroom - also highly unusual for me. I got my BFP on 16 dpo. The week after, my breasts became painful and the all-day sickness kicked in, as well as gas and bloating.

    2)Started feeling dizzy maybe three days after I ovulated, and then gradually exhausted. BFP on 16 dpo again. Some nausea started, but even worse was the metallic taste in my mouth. I never had this with my first pregnancy, at all. It all stopped abruptly one afternoon. The next morning I started spotting and cramping. Went to the ER - confirmed miscarriage.

    3) Current pregnancy - it was our month "off". I was exercising intensely, not temping, no OPKs, etc. I was at a conference the week my period was MAYBE due (my cycles over the last year have ranged from 28 days long to 42 days long - with different ovulation days!) I was slightly lightheaded (but not truly dizzy, like with my miscarriage pregnancy) every afternoon starting what was probably 12 DPOish (looking back and guessing), then extremely tired, and sleeping hours. I attributed this to being really busy and probably getting another ear infection. . . I was wrong. It was the start of daily afternoon sickness, not even four weeks after my previous period! By almost six weeks along, I was having all day and night sickness, which has abated a bit, but I have thrown up more in this pregnancy than I did the whole time during my first prengancy. My breasts became painful at the same time (but not earlier.) Actually, I had fewer symptoms this cycle than previous cycles, where my breasts would start hurting immediately after ovulation;

    I am SO happy that I've had no metallic taste in my mouth this pregnancy. That would have scared me so much - because I only got it with my second pregnancy, right before the miscarriage began.
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    Sammitom Guest


    with dd...very sore breast and wanting to eat pb and j sandwiches which didnt make since until after bfp (ttc with her needed to take meds if i wasnt pg.) and this one my feet became sore again like when i was pg with dd and missed my period that morning (ttc with this one too).

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    I started eating more than usually, and my chest hurt all the time.

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    I just got a BFP yesterday, and that makes me 4weeks and 2 days preg. And already my jeans don't fit!!! Please let me know if anyone else has this... So I crammed my butt into them anyway, and am trying to strech them out!!!

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    Default symptoms

    Extremely tired
    Sore breasts on alternating days
    CRAVING lemonade???? very strange cuz I never drink it.
    low back ache

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    The only symptoms I have had so far are:
    *Missed period
    *Sore and swollen breasts
    *Nausea, but haven't thrown up
    *Stomach hurts(not a bad hurt)

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    Hmm,Three days before AF was due had a few really high temps. Week before AF had horrible cramping and still do lol, CM was creamy throughout my cycle. Last three to four days before AF waking up in the middle of the night wide awake and unable to go back to sleep. And of course sore oobies lol.

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    Well if I'm pregnant, I'm only a few weeks along and haven't had a blood test yet, but I've been having some symptoms- (they could be partially psychosomatic since I'm really hoping I'm pregnant)

    Swollen, sore breasts (worse than when I get my period)
    Abdominal Cramping
    I had nausea yesterday morning when I woke up


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    No AF
    Sore/tingly nipples
    Pain and stretching abdomin
    Increased sensitivity to smells
    Going to the doctor at 1pm today!

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