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Thread: What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

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    BFP: 11/7/08

    My symptoms(were)are:
    ~Thought I had the flu
    ~Lots of extra CM
    ~Low Dull Backache
    ~Alternating twinges on my sides
    ~A pushing feeling at my belly button

    ... and as of yesterdays results I swear I have peed over a 100 times, but Its so worth it.

    Never Forgotten:5/07,1/08

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    I actually took my HPT on the day that I was supposed to get AF...The only symptom that I noticed was that I had a much larger appetite...I have never been a breakfast person but for some reason I was always starving when I got up and then after eating breakfast, it felt like 30 minutes later I was starving again...I didn't think much about that at first tho...This lady that I worked with had been telling me that I was pregnant for two weeks...and i kept telling her that she was crazy...I just went into work one day and she looked at me funny and said "are you pregnant?" and I laughed and told her no..but she kept insisting that I was...She claimed that my face looked different..I thought she was crazy..but as it turns out, she was correct...I am 18 weeks today and still no symptoms..My tatas were tender for a little bit, but that was it...Sometimes it worries me because I really don't feel any different!

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    I was tired all of the time and eventually the morning sickness came.

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    I have head aches
    I broke out, I usually have pretty clear skin.
    I am starving hungry all the time.
    I have "morning sickness", lost my dinner tonight.
    Back aches
    Cramps (they finally went away today)
    3 days late.
    Sore nips.
    Bloated feeling.
    Frequent urination.
    Mariah (35) and DH (40) BFP 8/12/13! Baby Kayla is here! Praying for all the APA girls .

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    4 days past af yaay
    * very gassy feeling

    * more cm

    * twinges on either side

    * random nausea lol, todays the 1st morning its been throughout the days

    * sore bbs and nips occansionally not constant

    * starving like crazy

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    Like 2 days after i missed my period, my breast were sore and me and my husband went through 3 gallons of milk in one week! I felt only slightly nauseated no vomiting at all! yah! other than that just sleepy all the time!

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    well i fainted at work due to my blood pressure changing i assume, then took the test 2days later and got a BFP. AF was missing, i was grouchy, was and am super hungry but every time i eat i vomit, good thing the only thing that tastes the same coming up as going down is Hawaiian punch so i dont mind vomiting that so much......i just really wish i could eat a whole meal.....i can only take a few bites before it comes up.......oh yeah the girls are huge and im really congested and im ALWAYS sleepy....

    Evan 7-2-09 Elijah 2-17-12

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    BFP 11/7/08
    In order of appearence.
    Before BFP:
    vaginal temping - temp stayed elevated
    hit-the-wall tired two nights in a row
    tired regardless of coffee or how much sleep I get
    After BFP:
    AF/Gassy like cramps for 1 week
    Frequent urination
    1 bloody nose (in morning)
    sex dreams 1 night
    very warm skin (hot flashes)
    lower back ache
    slower metabolism (harder bowels, not constipation and more gassy)
    Semi-sore breasts
    some nausea (just began at 5 weeks and 5 days)
    Craving veggies and fruit
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    Tyshia23 Guest


    My early symptoms were breast tenderness, i spotted for like 10mins, tired alot and craving creme soda....

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    My early symptoms were a small tiny amount of brown CM at 7 dpo and then cramping. The cramping wasn't horrible but it felt like AF was coming a week early. Since then my girls have been getting more and more sore and this a.m. I had some nausea that I wasn't expecting. Oh and my CM didn't dry up after O like usual, stayed creamy.

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    Just got my bfp today, but so far I have very sore bb's (they're killing me), mild cramping that comes and goes and some nausea on and off. I've had a few food aversions too...for some reason I'm hungry, but I start eating and then start feeling nauseous! I have been waking up hot the last few nights.
    Rebecca, Kevin (DH), Logan (DS), and Archer (DS)

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    i had breast tenderness, food aversions, mood swings, nausia, cramping, and fatigue... all before i ever missed a period...

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    I got my BFP yesterday:

    nausea, food aversion, fatigue, mood swings, craved milk, cramps, cramps and more cramps. Now I think my boobs are getting sore. Oh and I'm hungry, very hungry.

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    In order of appearance:

    I have been having hot flashes and inability to sleep through the night since just after ovulation. I also dreamed that I was having a baby girl about 2 days past ovulation.

    6dpo - cramping and twinges
    9dpo - tenderness/sore breasts
    15 dpo (today) - dizzy spell, still sore breasts.

    I have had a few mild headaches as well - could be from cutting down on the diet soda so much though.

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    Feeling unusually tired, slightly nauseated, mild cramping and my breasts are sore.

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    Just got my BFP yesterday!! Still have 2 more days until AF was supposed to arrive. I believe that's why I had a faint bfp?


    *breast tenderness
    *mild nausea
    *some cramping
    *increased appetite
    *frequent urination
    *unusually tired
    Me- Brandy (34) DH- Eric (36), DS- Danny (16), DS- Dylan (13), DS- Landon (3)
    10/2001 4 weeks, 9/2008 5 weeks, 3/2012 10 weeks

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    i got my BFP yesterday..i was having sore nipples since last 3-4 weeks..but i thought thats it due to cold..and ignored the symptom i had faint vomiting symtoms but again i ignored..thinking it must be upset stomach..i had strong cramps 3 weeks back..i thought i might be getting my AF..but guess never came..and i forgot abt it.. and yes..i am getting beautiful sleep these days....yesterday took the test and i got the sweet is my first doc visit. i dont know how many weeks i am...hmm

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    I got my BFP Tuesday Dec 9. About 7-10 days before that I was starving for three or four days; eating like an extra 10 points a day (I was on WW). My nipples also appeared darker and larger and were itchy; my breasts also felt heavy but not sore. I also had a touch of insomnia for about 3 nights over a 2 week period from ovulation until BFP. Frequent urination (sometimes as much as every 15 minutes) started around the same time as the extreme hunger, and has not let up yet. Sensitivity to smells started around the same time as the increased appetite. The insomnia was accompanied by hot flashes/night sweats.

    About 3 days prior to BFP, I started cramping. Thought it might be AF but it felt different - more like on the sides of my lower abdomen, not in my back or lower pubic area where I get AF cramps. I also got tingly feeling in my private parts.

    The day after my BFP (so, 3w4d), I started the morning sickness and fatigue.

    The cramps have dissipated now but the morning sickness, fatigue and frequent urination are still here.
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    The very first symptom was a fluttery feeling in my lower abdomen and that i couldnt sleep on my tummy and also morning sickness type feeling all thourgh the day and to add to that now i have exteamly sore brests and incresed appitte and i crave chocolate milk and cant stand the smell of liqiud cheese and the mushroom sauce at work and i love the smell of fresca but couldnt stand the smell before.

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    Default strange smell symptom

    i just remembered my smell symptom...i was skipping through pages of a magazine..then suddenly i was hit by a beautiful perfume smell..i was looking at an perfume ad..i dont know if they spray it on magazines or was i dreaming..i was pinning my nose on the ad and trying to smell the perfume
    then i suddenly realized what i was doing then i just laughed laughed

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    Talking symptoms

    baby #6-missed period. i work at burger king and the breakfast sausage made me sick to my stomach and the pickles smelled wonderful!!! implantation spotting with cramps and backache. due august 23, 2009!!!! craving burgers with extra pickles and onion rings.

    gage-missed period. took 20 tests and being 2w late before he even registered on a preg test. swollen breasts and mood swings.

    brooklyn-missed period. craved milkshakes.

    adrianna-missed period.

    chris-missed period. craved taco bell.

    victoria-missed period. craved subway.

    all the beginning of my pregnancies usually seem uneventful. things usually dont go wrong until the third trimester. i dont even get morning sickness. just food cravings and maybe a little moodiness.
    Marie Lyn.....Mom of many

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    Just got BFP yesterday...
    Very sore boobs (usual with AF)
    AF like cramping (lessened but still shows up every now and then)
    The biggest thing that made me want to test even though I was only 2 days late was that my face was clear - I always breakout before my period so I thought maybe my hormones had changed

    Also moody and irrationally irritable about stupid stuff
    Hubby says that it's the "sea monkey" taking when I act like that now.

    At 4 weeks along, so far that's it...

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    I had sore bbs from 3 dpo (I usually didn't get them until about 3 - 4 days before AF), I was ahem, gassy :tmi: and crampy. I also was a tad more emotional - for instance, my husband said, in a normal, everyday tone, "Don't yell at the dog" and I burst into tears.

    2/09 6/09 4/14 9/14

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    I found out I was pregnant at 3.5 weeks, no symptoms only a feeling that it finally happened, the tiredness and morning sickness started at around 5 weeks.
    Expecting 2nd baby on July 13,2009

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    tugging/pressure on left side of pelvis about a week after ovulation. and extreme fatigue.

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    I'm Emma (31) DH 32 TTC #1 since April 07.Nov 08 ICSI abandoned - severe OHSS.FET 2 frosties put back

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    meant to note...besides tugging in pelvis and extreme fatigue i've had some heartburn, though not terrible. also been much more emotional. i cried over a cartoon today.

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    Hello! Brand new to the site, but been lurking for awhile
    Got my on New Year's Eve (which made me the designated driver, yay).
    Anywhoo, my early pregnancy symptoms haven't been too intense. In fact I was so reluctant to take the test because they absolutely MIRRORED af symptoms.
    -Cramps (very similar to pre-af cramps
    -Serious moodiness (I was snappy and irritable with everyone, just like pms)
    -Everything else af.
    -Oh, my DF noticed my hands were really clammy one night, and that has persisted as well as the cramps.

    Seriously, there was no difference. My nipples were a little itchy and sore, but that wasn't anything that would have led me to POAS. I always thought that pregnancy symptoms would differ in some way from AF,but it really feels like a really really really long pms.

    I look forward to discussing these next nine months with all you ladies.

    Hoping for a 9/9/09 baby!

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    My earliest symptoms was being extremely gassy, both top and bottom. Very unusual but when I got the BFP it made more sense. I seem to be more burpy in the last few days. Also, I had some really really mild headhaches for couple days, but that was it.
    Sarah (31) & DH Matt (35)

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    massacubano Guest


    very very sore BB, and was slightly sick before BFP.

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