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Thread: What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

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    imported_admin Guest

    Default What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

    Please post only if you have already tested positive!

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    The fact that I didn't have any symptoms! lol And a late AF with high temps.

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    I craved chicken fried steak and had a lot of white, creamy cervical mucus.

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    I had a lack of cm, usually after I ovulated I had lots.

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    feeling unusually tired and nauseated.


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    MommaBear Guest


    Almost immediately my breasts were tender and I had 3 or 4 days of implantation bleeding (about the same as a light period).

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    I had really bad unusual cramps and backache for a week.

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    My (.)(.)'s hurt differntly, they hurt on the sides towards my armpits instead of all over. And my husband said I was acting funny and kept asking if I was alright! I was also more dingy & forgetful! (The dingy & forgetful part never went away after the baby was born either! :x )

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    With Sam: lower backaches, head aches, and a missed period. That was it.

    With Christopher: NOTHING, but a missed period.

    This time around: food aversions, more severe back and joint aches, being tired, missed period.

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    Crunchymomto3 Guest


    With Haley I got bad morning sickness right away. Also really really sore nipples. With Ella & Ronin I had some pretty intense and severe changes in my lactation.

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    YellowRose Guest


    I was hungry ALL the time and my appitite increased. I'm usually a small eatter, but I was eatting as much as Dh.

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    Tender breasts, and very very sensitive to smells, it seemed that all smells were enhanced
    Dani (6) and Chris (4)

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    I had about 30 minutes of menstrual type cramps about a week before AF was due and then I had seriously sore breasts. So sore that the shower water could not hit them.

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    Majorly sore boobs!! Then some AF type cramping, and smell sensitivities!!

    IT'S A BOY!!!

    Marissa 12, Peyton 7, Jayden 5 and #4 due 7/4/2014

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    Someone just dropped a house on my sister!


    I hate tuna and then one day I practically jumped DH when he opened a can trying to get some.

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    Nothing, just a missed period and the feeling I was pregnant.
    Seneca(21) Junior (3) Karina (<1)

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    Sore beasts and AF cramping.

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    I sat in the backseat with dd on the way home from Christmas and got really queezy...I had a BFP the next day!
    Mommy to Emily (12/02) and Dylan (9/07)

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    Quote Originally Posted by newlyttc
    I had a lack of cm, usually after I ovulated I had lots.
    I havent gotten a bfp yet...but I have noticed that the past few days!!! like you I usually have alot!?!!
    I'm Emma. Struggled to get pregnant for 3 years with our DD Adrianna (June 4,2008) Our oldest Son, Jake was born June 18,2009. And our new baby boy, Nicholas, was born August 23rd 2011!

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    Sore breasts and nipples, and my husband said I was acting like I had PMS. I love it how they always think it's PMS when we're actually just having an opinion. But that's another story.

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    LuMo Guest


    With Lucy - extreeeeeeme tiredness. Fell asleep standing up.

    With Truman - feeling like I had a UTI. Pain/cramping and peeing all the time. Boobs ballooned up as big as my head.

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    No symptoms except missed period. I was ttc so I new I needed to test!

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    amyb Guest


    unusally really sore breasts and late AF. As time went on I had/have food adversions, dizzyness, tired, and sick feeling if I don't eat every few hours.

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    With ds...tired, and a huge aversion to chicken. That was before AF was due. Then full blown m/s up until 12-13 weeks.

    With dd, tired, and I was temping and my temp kept rising...m/s around 6-8 weeks.

    With this one, I had implant bleeding...then nothing....and I had to calulate when my last period was. I was tired, but chalked it up to working two full time jobs that week in between Christmas and New Years. The ms and sore breast came much later.

    Jen...Preemie mom
    Cam, (8)Former 27 weeker. Delaney (6) former 36 weeker, and Madelyn, age 2, former 33 weeker

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    rayven Guest


    I always have m/s BEFORE I miss a period. So when I started throwing up a week before AF was due I knew I was pg. I don't even need pregnancy tests anymore.

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    First symptoms: being tired for no apparent reason, sore breasts, "tugging" in lower abdomen, particularly the left side .. felt different than the pre-AF cramping

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    Very Very Sore Boobs!!!

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    new_mum Guest


    I didn't have any symptoms until I was 5-6 months pregnant. Then every symptom in the book started to appear in my body

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    geebee Guest


    EXTREME fatigue, EXTREME boob soreness, famished all the time and ate like a horse, major craving for Ramen of all things!

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    Very sore breasts and a tight bra. I felt like I had menstrual cramps as well.

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