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Thread: What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

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    Before I got my BFP the girls were a little tender and I didn't spot the week before AF like usual. Now that I am preggo I feel fine except I sleep very hard at night. No morning sickness either.
    Me(24) DH(38) Baby Kaelyn 10/14/08

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    hey that makes two of us Oh2bmommy, lol maybe itll hit us later on or something Im not sure lol
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    Default BFP today, here's my symptoms!

    I received my BFP today! So I can finally post here! On 4 DPO my nipples started hurting and a few days later the pain spread to the entire boobie. Bloating happened about 7 DPO, I've been constipated like crazy and I want to eat everything in sight!! I will have a big meal at 7pm, and lay in bed at 11 with my stomach growling. I LOVE every symptom and can't wait for more to come. Oh yeh, and I've been sleeping a ton. Very very tired. No morning sickness yet, not ready for that one.

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    Nothing really before I got my BFP, but I got it at 10 dpo, so I was really early on.

    After that, though I had very tender and swollen breasts (they're still swollen). A bit later I had a bit of nausea (that didn't last -- thank goodness!) and ravenous hunger.

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    I had really bad morning the point I lost 10 pounds. That was pretty much it. I just got over that a couple of weeks ago.

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    At 8DPO, I felt mild cramping and started getting heartburn at night. That went on for three nights. At 12DPO, I got my BFP. Fairly quickly (24 hrs), started getting nauseous and tired.

    Hungry on the turn of a dime. Can be walking along and then all of a sudden, I HAVE to eat NOW!!!!!!!
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    Melanie Guest


    I've got all of those symptoms, i'm two days late and BFN this morning! ARGG!! so frustrating!

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    Default can i ask about pre positive cramps please

    im sorry i know this thread is for bfp people!! but i would like to ask if anyone had cramps just like before af before they got their bfp:crying:? i have had them for 3 days now, am 11dpo and ttc. i always have them the day before af but never this long. am due to poas on sat which will be cd32 and 14dpo. my cycles are a little irregular, from 28 - 32 days. my only other symptom is creamy discharge, sorry tmi. thanks for any replies from those who have been there but i cant get answers to this on ttc.:crying:

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    Default Symptoms

    Well I didn't have the common symptoms such as sore boobs or nausea but I did have brown spotting/discharge around the time Af was due and really bad gas and bloating. I also had a dream that I took a test and got a BFP and as soon as I woke up I tested and got a BFP!

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    First Pregnancy: My cycles were so screwed up that I was having anywhere from 30-90 day cycles. But anyways, first I had light headed/dizziness the 1st week of symptoms, the 2nd week of symptoms i added headaches to that, the 3rd week cramping was added to that, and the 4th week of symptoms, sore breasts were added to that, and I hadn't had my period, but didn't know when to expect it anyways. I started taking tests during the 2nd week, up until the 4th week, and all were negative. I went to the doc on the beginning of the 5th week of having these symptoms, and I had a positive test!

    This Pregnancy: I had some dizziness, and cramping, before I even missed my period. And then when it was time for my period, I had cramping, like I was going to start my period any minute, and then it didn't come for like 2 days, but I still felt like I was starting any minute, so I took a test, and it was positive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by anne03 View Post
    im sorry i know this thread is for bfp people!! but i would like to ask if anyone had cramps just like before af before they got their bfp:crying:? i have had them for 3 days now, am 11dpo and ttc. i always have them the day before af but never this long. am due to poas on sat which will be cd32 and 14dpo. my cycles are a little irregular, from 28 - 32 days. my only other symptom is creamy discharge, sorry tmi. thanks for any replies from those who have been there but i cant get answers to this on ttc.:crying:
    Cramps were my only symptom, I had them on 7DPO and then again from 11-14DPO, when I tested and got my BFP. One of the reasons I waited so long to test, is I thought for sure AF was going to arrive at any moment. In retrospect, I had many more days of cramping than usual, so for me it was a good sign!

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    I just had a 'feeling' that this time was it, along with no AF cramps, a little little spotting, and then came the BB soreness! WOW! ... also headaches very early on and peeing alot..

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    So, far at 4 weeks--I have been cramping since just a few days after O'ing, tender bbs, hungry more often, a little more tired. Mostly though I just feel like AF is about to arrive. That's how I was with ds too.
    Jennifer (28), DH Stephen (36), DS Caleb (3 on 11/11) and DS Nathan born 11/25/08

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    Talking A little different take on symptoms...

    Congrats to everyone!!!
    It might take me a min to get to the point... but I thought I'd share
    I woke up on 3/14 and thought- "Wow, I'm sooo thirsty!"- that's unusual for me.. That day ended up being a really long day, and I was wiped. AF was due any day, but i felt different... no AF symptoms, so I bought a box of 3 tests and took one. It was BFN... So Saturday when I woke up late in the morning (which is not to terribly normal) I decided that maybe I should take another. This time I had taken the test and got into the shower... when I got out, there was a VERY faint 2nd line... I thought maybe i had waited too long to read the test and decided to take the last test that evening... same thing happened- very faint 2nd line, but this time I watched it develop. Well, I still was not satisfied with that so I went and purchased an EPT digital test. On Sunday morning, I took the test, and watched this one as well... it blinked for about 30 sec and "Pregnant" popped up... my reaction- "NO WaY".... Since then, I have had serious thirst issues (I apparently did not drink enough water before), which makes me pee all of the time!!! Things like POP, and anything fried do not even sound good anymore... although fruit doesn't either. Boobs are sore on the outsides- near armpits, and nipples feel very strange... not really sore, but funny sensations- very sensitive. Sensitive to smells- but not too much. No bleeding or spotting at all... I am just starting to get some low back achiness, and some bloating type feelings- I think that has a lot to do with my digestive tract adjusting to the new balance of hormones... Also, I have been much more regular... which is kinda backwards from some of the others here... Sorry to blab so much here, I guess my point is that everyone is so different... But I know that I'm happy to have any symptoms!! Bring on the baby!! hehe
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    Arynella Guest


    My first clue was when I got carsick. I've never had a problem with motion sickness. Then, of course, my period was late. The morning sickness was the worst though. I lost almost 20 lbs my first trimester.

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    What is DPO? How do you figure it out?

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    My SENSE OF SMELL increased sooo much! I swore I had special powers! But sometimes the smells bothered me causing MAJOR sickness. It was awful!
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    extremely tired.... sleepy, a lot of backache, forgetful, my husband kept saying i looked different, and i had a "feeling", my boobs are extremely sore too.

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    i really think you should do a home preganncy test.....

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    I was feeling very tired.. mostly in the afternoon and it was (still is) very difficult to get up in the morning, my breasts were very sore but that has always been normal before my period, so i didnt pay much attention to it, oh and constipation, i have the feeling that some of the cramping is because of the constipation. I cant wait for my next Docs appt on the 16th!!!!!

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    Default symptoms

    I had unusually sore breasts (think premenstrual times 3), craved a lot of dairy and vegetables and had a little nausea.

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    My symptoms started about one week after I ovulated. I was having cramps that didn't feel normal to me. My left boob was sore close to the armpit. I had headaches that lasted four or five days. I felt sick to my stomach but ifI ate something I was ok. On the day that I was supposed to start AF I took a test and it came up positive right away!!:yeehaw:
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    • Sudden aversion to bananas. Before, I was neither here nor there on them, but now I hate them!
    • Sore BBs. Tried sleeping on my tummy last night and couldn't do it.
    • Pinch-y feeling in right lower abdomen, but I'd had that before AF before
    • Very acute sense of smell
    • No morning sickness yet; I just feel....weird. No nausea, pain, or dizziness, but like my body is thinking about feeling one or all of those.
    • S l e e p y, esp. in the afternoons
    • Super cranky last week, week 4. Sorry, darling husband!
    • Eating a TON of spicy food, and tolerating it much better than normal

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    I actually didn't have any noticable symptoms, that made me think anything. My breasts were sore for months before that and I just attributed that to having my IUD taken out then taking birth control, then going off birth control. Just wacky hormones. My funny story is that we were at the dollar store, and my mom was joking around about getting a preg test (my hubby and I werent taking any precautions not to get pg) and I told herno because I didnt think they would work and I was embarassed. Well anyways she put two in my cart and when we got home just to humor her, I said I am going upstairs to take this dumb test just to make you happy. Well I went upstairs seriously not even thinking that it would be positive because I had taken a few in the previous months. Well as soon as I dipped that thing it didnt waste any time in saying positive. I was yelling "mom, i need your help!!' This thing says positive! I called my MW right away and was talking so fast. Anyways long story short, I went the next morning and it was positive. YEAH

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    Hi everyone! I've just recently had my BFP; I have almost zero symptoms right now,.
    AF was about 2 days late and the morning I tested, my temp was the highest I've had in almost 4 months (so I knew then it would be positive!). Prior to this I would have bet $$ that AF was coming; I was checking every half hour.
    No m/s (yet), dizzy at times, hungrier, napping more. But I can't get DH to believe the tired symptom because I already ahd a habit of falling asleep on the couch! Just that now, I can hardly even wake up to go to bed! And it starts earlier, like 9:30pm! I've had a few little pains in my abdomen now and then; that's all so far! Oh, and some more creamy CM.

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    My first signs was a sinus cold, than flu like symptoms which I later found out was morning sickness, and I was really tired all of a sudden.

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    Sore breasts, headaches, light cramping, and moodiness....

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    I had really sore breast an nipples. Now my breast are just really swollen and just sore on the outside by my armpits. I have been having cramping on and off since I got a BFP. I have also had light brown spotting ever since but it is getting lighter and lighter. Then yesterday m/s started, I was sick all day. I really hope it doesn't get too bad! :X

    But like all of you I am happy to have any and all symptoms! They are for a VERY good reason!!!
    It's a girl!

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    Quote Originally Posted by redzebra13 View Post
    Montgomery's Tubercles
    May I ask what this is ... ?
    I'm working on patience as fast as I can.

    Due 1/1/2009 ~ It's a girl!

  30. Wink

    Well, I have much of the same as most, so I thought I'd add the one hasn't been mentioned yet ...

    My cat now believes I'm his personal heating pad.
    I'm working on patience as fast as I can.

    Due 1/1/2009 ~ It's a girl!

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