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Thread: What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

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    RamyMiller Guest


    My latest symptom, water make me nausious, can you believe that!??! but the sore BBs and being hungry, while cannot make up my mind on what to eat!!

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    The first signs I got, even before I tested were sore and tingly bbs. I didn't want to get my hopes up so I just chalked it up to AF coming. And AF did come. But I got a BFP 2 days later. And then the hunger set in like there was no tomorrow. I wanted to eat everything in sight. Keeping my fingers crossed as there's no m/s YET.
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    Missed period
    Sore boobs
    larger and hard nipples

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    nothing really.. i had all the symptoms after the doc told us we are preggers.. that was a huge surprise.. and then i had everything within 2 days.. lol
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    I got AF cramps on time but no AF - first.

    Then my nipples felt like they had been sunburned, that sensitive.
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    SuziOz Guest


    My friend rang me on 2DPO to tell me she dreamt I had a baby boy. I laughed and told her she was silly but was secretly worried because I had a feeling we conceived on the last BD. Suddenly developed an acute sense of smell.
    Every day from 7DPO really tired and mood swings like PMS.
    11DPO painful cramps on left side but no AF.
    13DPO faint BFP.
    From 15DPO started feeling queasy when I was hungry.
    4 weeks and 4 days PG, still tired, cranky, teary, blissfully happy, queasy and everything smells strong.
    Will have to see if my friend was right about the baby boy

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    I was tired all the time and could barely get out of bed. My boobs were hurting also but the usually do when I am fixing to start. I also kept getting sick to my stomach but never thought of it becaus I was always inside a car so I thought I was just car sick. I finally decided to take the test and here I am!

    Now I have such an acute sense of smell it is horrible. My DH is still trying to quit smoking and I can be at one end of the house and know the instant he lights up. GRRR. Keep your fingurs crossed for him so he can quit sooner!!!!


    Always thinking of our APA Angels.

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    april Guest


    Nothing before the day I was actually due for AF.

    First: no AF as scheduled.
    Second: (The day after AF was due) sore and tender breasts (on the outside beneath my armpits)
    Third: high temps. I started thinking, oh my...I couldn't possibly be pregnant...I know, I will temp and if it is lower than pre O, then I'm ok and AF is on the way, but if it is high...I need to was high, but I kept checking it for like a week longer, *LOL* and every day it was consistently the same temp I had when I was pregnant before, right at 99 degrees.
    Fourth, 9 days after missed AF, I took a PT and it was clearly positive.

    I'm 10 days past when AF should have come and the tender breast, high temp and +PT is the only symptoms I still have.

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    april Guest


    did I mention my breast were sore?!

    Sheeesh, here I am almost 8 weeks and they still HURT! Weird though, it's first thing in the morning when it is the worse...when I am laying in bed trying to sleep. I have it off and on during the day, but is usually less noticeable....but first thing in the morning while I'm laying in bed (about 4-5am) I have to get up or roll to my back!

    And it's a different kind of soreness from AF breast tenderness....this is on the outsides beneath my armpits...

    it's worse this time than it was with the m/c I had in November.

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    april Guest


    oh, and no nausea yet...maybe a little food adversion once or twice yesterday, but no nausea yet at all. (knock on wood)

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    Extremely exhausted. Nothing I had ever experienced before. Then I realized I was 2wks late!

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    ok so this time around...
    my boobies hurt like crap!!! and i am starving all the time but i dont know what to eat. and heart burn -
    i also have like pinching feelings in my uterus area.... ouchie

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    redzebra13 Guest


    Sore BBS
    Porn Star Nips
    Montgomery's Tubercles
    Strong sense of smell
    Just KNEW
    Constant trips to pee

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    YAY! I get to post in here again!

    Okay, my symptoms... I totally thought AF was coming. I was soooo bloated! My stomach looked like it did when I was 13 weeks pregnant last time. My nips were constantly hard. Then, the night I tested, I was ravenously hungry, ate two bites and felt so full I felt sick (not nauseous, just not good).

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    ythopeful Guest

    Default Early symptoms

    I woke up @ night hot & sweaty which is weird for someone who is always cold. & I was sooo thirsty all the time

    We're due Dec. 26th

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    Msshon23 Guest


    I was really sleepy, DH kept saying I was and the implantation spotting! I also had the feeling of being nasuea but never actually did it.

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    Right now I am 4wks and I have this increased sense of smell.

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    The thing that really got me thinking was that I was sooo moody.My boyfriend would just be joking with me about something and I would bite his head off about whatever it was he said.I seem to out of nowhere question everything about my life. My boobs started to become really sore up towards my armpit.I would just be walking and they would hurt.I had lower back aches.& acne was showing up all over the place.Places acne should never be hehe.Also headache's and heartburn gradually increased.And to top it all off....morning sickness!Except I get it worse at night!

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    I started with a cough and sore throat. Then 10 dpo the very enlarged breast kicked in. It is very sore and enlarged I thought AF was coming but took a PT 11 dpo and got a BFP. I feel very exhausted and nausea don't know what I want to eat anymore and don't feel like cooking for my DH anymore. I also get up in the middle of the night because I have a hard time finding a comfortable spot. I also get a sharp pain in the uterus particularly in the left side as well. I hope this is not a sign of M/C.

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    [quote="HAPPYMAMY"]I started with a cough and sore throat. Then 10 dpo the very enlarged breast kicked in. It is very sore and enlarged I thought AF was coming but took a PT 11 dpo and got a BFP. I feel very exhausted and nausea don't know what I want to eat anymore and don't feel like cooking for my DH anymore. I also get up in the middle of the night because I have a hard time finding a comfortable spot. I also get a sharp pain in the uterus particularly in the left side as well. I hope this is not a sign of M/C.[/quote]

    This is fairly common for pregnancy- it is your uterus stretching. I had pains for the entire 9 months whenever I moved fast, or wrong.
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    sleepy...very sleepy

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    littleone Guest


    Very, very tired and extremely craved salty foods!

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    Tired.....very tired..if I don't stay moving I'll crash!!! Also a week before AF was due I thought I had bad gas pains.....or AF was gonna come...early!! Took a test a day later....didn't pee on it enough..or so I I put it in my personal drawer in the bathroom to come across it 3 days later with 2 LINES!!!!!!!

    Retested....2 more times...sure enough BFP'S!!!

    I was really sick with my last pregnancy...smells were so enhanced and had a friend that wore this perfume that I loved....NOT NO MORE!! She had to stop wearing it all together!!! I hate it to this day! lol :o

    Not to sure what to expect to come with this pregnancy...HOPEFULLY nothing!

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    nothing.... I have had some really slight / mild cramping that does not last longer than 2 minutes at a time. I have had this for the past 5 days. I am not too worried though, I have read many times it's normal. I just got my BFP today, 10 DPO
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    I didn't "notice" anything before my BFP, except that AF was 2 days late. I just had a gut feeling that I needed to test. That was very weird, since I was usually irregular in my cycles and we were not planning the pregnancy.
    Once I got the BFP and looked back, I was eating like a COW before I even tested. We're talking a full meal and my stomach growling 30 min later! The girls were sore, but didn't take note of it since they usually are killer right before AF.
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    With mine I had extremley sore BB's, to the point where I didnt dare try to take off my sports bra and even the water in the shower hurt. I was extremley constipated and gassy and bloated all at once-that was the worst part for me. I also had a lot of EWCM and def. forgetfullness. I had some cramping/light spotting, which I was told was normal-it is, but mine turned out in a m/c. Other than that no m/s, no nothing.

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    So far I have been pretty tired and have had some back pain/cramping. I was told at an annual exam a few years ago that my uterus is tipped towards my back and to expect more back pain and possibly more back labor than others because of it.

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    I was crampy, very tired, lower back hurt, nausea, sore boobs.. the night before I POAS, I rolled over in bed and my left ovary felt like someone ripped it out, so from that moment, I kinda knew.

    Oh, the joys of pregnancy!

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    My only symptom was 16dpo with elevated temperatures.
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