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Thread: What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

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    I just found out this morning...and I only knew by taking a test!! Yikes! Wish me luck!

    William 3.22.07

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    I had a HUGE jalapeno craving...for about a week I had to have TONS on everything I ate...I even cried at the state fair when the nacho lady didn't take me seriously when I asked for nachos with jalopenos....minus the chips!!! I tested the next day and low and was a BFP.
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    So far my main indicators have been tenderness on the side of my left breast right near my armpit. Only the left one, though. Strange.

    Forgetfulness. I was in the shower one day and could not, for the life of me, remember if I'd washed my face yet.

    I get hungry sometimes just hours after I've eaten. Actually, that just started a couple days ago. And yesterday I'd eaten a giant bowl of cereal but just three hours later, I was so hungry that I felt nauseaous. That was a symptom I'd had with Maisie--nausea when I got hungry.

    Irritability. Everything seems to put me on edge.

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    i was having stuffy nose, diahorrea and cramps at the very beginning..then it turned to nasty nauseas and now i am still suffering...hungry all the time but can't eat alot at one go..heartburns...headaches..giddyness...sore name it i have it
    Rafe at 4 months..

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    During the 2ww, I didn't notice anything before my bfp. Looking back, there were some signs but I didn't think they were pregnancy related at the time.

    Right away I started having headaches, like with AF or when you have a head cold. Then I got a sore throat for several days that never materialized.

    Once I got the pos, I noticed my (.)(.)'s started to feel heavy/sore. Then around 6 weeks my back started aching and ahs it's been that way ever since.
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    i felt like AF was definately on the way but it never came. only thing was boobs hurt A LOT more than usual and i would randomly start to gag once a day or so.

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    louisiana mom Guest


    I never had a bit of sickness with either of my children, but I knew I was pregnant when I had gained about 8 pounds when I had been trying to lose weight. I was only 4 weeks pregnant when I found out, but I knew almost immediately!

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    I'm only in my fourth week, but so far I've had terribly tender breasts, constant dull backaches, and cramping like AF. Other than that and a missed period, I just feel happy all the time. Does that count as a sign?

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    sflinton Guest

    Default I love being pregnant

    My first symptoms was the test was positive after 4 months of peeing on a stick!! Then the next day I started having really bad cramps and thought something was wrong, actually. Had to call my best friend to reassure me it was normal. I was lucky enough NOT to have morning sickness, but felt so tired I would fall asleep at my desk staring at my PC for just a minute! I got busted a few times. Oh, and the girls hurt for a while. My man couldn't touch them, he didn't like that too much :p

    Now, I am a happy fat prego.

    Can't wait for the next one.


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    sshipley Guest


    My symptoms are sore breast, cramping, missed period, tired, increase appitite, very sensitive(crying) and morning sickness only when I brush my teeth.

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    kellyc Guest


    I've been lucky not to have any m/s. All I've had is cramping, heartburn, and the fact that I'm hungry ALL the time! Other than testing positive, I never would have guessed I'm pregnant!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlvk1978
    I just found out this morning...and I only knew by taking a test!! Yikes! Wish me luck!

    wow How many DPO are you???

    Cause I am 15 DPO and no AF signs yet! plus I feel nauseated ... been this way since sunday...

    stickybabyDUST to you, and ME

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    Default I was super tired.....

    I was just tired. VERY TIRED. Plus, I became very hungry and eating more than I usually do. I never had morning sickness. Not once. There were days my tummy felt a bit unsettled, but not to the point that I was going to become ill. Then, of course, AF did not come and she ALWAYS comes every month. Now I am in my second trimester and feel fine. Just normal pregnany stuff I suppose.

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    VERY sore boobies
    Didn't feel like eating all the things I love
    And of course the + test!!
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    A metallic taste in my mouth and veins in my boobs were my earliest symptoms. I tested at 10dpo and received my BFP.

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    Sore boobies, tired, appetite became less because everything sounded disgusting!

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    Sore boobies were my first sign, before I even saw the BFP. Then I noticed I was peeing more often, then it was BFP, then it was nausea, couldn't eat or be around anything but fruit, then for the rest of the first trimester, it was sheer EXHAUSTION... I've never been that tired in my life.
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    with abbi i started lactating 2 weeks before i found out...
    my period kept going and then i found out after 2 months that i was 2 months prggo... weird i think

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmyfamily
    with abbi i started lactating 2 weeks before i found out...
    my period kept going and then i found out after 2 months that i was 2 months prggo... weird i think
    Did you chart back then?
    Cause I was wondering IF the temps dropped for AF and such...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hopefully_us
    First symptoms: being tired for no apparent reason, sore breasts, "tugging" in lower abdomen, particularly the left side .. felt different than the pre-AF cramping
    THATS HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

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    No i wasnt.... im new to this... i am just now figuring out you can chart that stuff.... :oops:

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    With Sam: lower backaches, head aches, and a missed period. That was it.

    With Christopher: NOTHING, but a missed period.

    This time around: food aversions, more severe back and joint aches, being tired, missed period
    WTH! Am I the only one who didn't know? What is the story girl? Are you pregnant?
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    me_plus1 Guest


    I got really sick for about a week straight, like flu sick without the vommitting. Then after that I was dizzy and nauseous for my entire first trimester.

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    I had a slight dip and 7 DPO and I had this burning cramp sensation on my left side. I later found out that it was implantation cramps and also my gums blead when I brushed in the morning.

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    Sore boobs, and they were a different sore (on the sides and by my armpits). The first day I found out, I was in asleep by 9:00, and almost fell asleep in the car. Oh, and my bra felt tighter.

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    Default My frist signs

    My first sign was sorness in my breasts. Then feeling a little woosey.

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    My nipples were a tiny bit sore to the touch, but nothing major.
    I had a dream about getting a BFP this month (my first ever BFP dream), and then there it was....does that count as a symptom?

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    *Michele is Pregnant!* Guest


    2-4 DPO my armpits hurt...kinda like i had beel lifting weights but indeed i hadnt! Then around 8 DPO came the sleepiness and wanting to eat EVERYTHING! HTH! And GL to you gals getting ready to test!!

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    BrittanyW2006 Guest


    Well, I'm going through it now. I've been nauseous for about 2 weeks, don't feel like eating anything, and I have a lot of breast tenderness.

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    my symptoms started at 5 DPO. I felt twinges and pinching in my uterus. it made me very aware of the uterus' location in my body (same feeling as when i wore an IUD and had small cramps).
    Around expected AF date, i felt af-like cramps, and a weight down there. sometimes i was hypersalivating.
    now, i hypersalivate, i feel fatigue (i have a cold). breasts got sore 2 days b4 expected af (so i was thinking she was gonna show up).

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