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Thread: What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

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    At 5 DPO, I had cramping and brown spotting. 2 days before I tested positive (6DPO and 7DPO), nausea and fatigue. At 8 DPO, positive FRER, Target brand and clearblue blue dye +/- tests in the morning and then a positive ClearBlue Digital around 1 pm. Immediately after testing positive, super bad indigestion (and I NEVER have indigestion), dull crampy/bloated feeling and sore breasts. I have taken a FRER test every day since, with defininte BOLD positives, and this morning (11 DPO), before the pee even crossed the window, the test line was SUPER dark.
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    I was on vacation when I was supposed to get my AF.. I started eatin tons of junk food and was certain it was around the corner, I broke out and had nasty oily skin.. this was about CD30 *normal is 32* I started having slight cramps but they just didn't feel the same as period cramps and I started to get "the feeling" I kept puttin it off but I couldn't shake about CD33 I had sore breasts but not the actual breast it was more like under my arms and side of breasts like I had worked out a little to hard or lifted something repetatively. I had a dream that I was pregnant and that same night I got up 3x to pee, the next afternoon I tested and got my BFP.

    I'm about 7W now and incredibly sick but have intense cravings that I have to have something at this minute or I may die then I can only eat 1 or 2 bites before feeling sick again, VERY tired, sore boobs, crampy feelings that are just different than menstrual *growing pains maybe?*, emotional, cranky, I go back and forth between extreme anxiety about having 3 children and then extreme bliss at the thought of our complete family and knowing this is the last time I will ever expirence pregnancy!

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    jojogrl Guest


    I had a whole ordeal with a UTI that was non-bacterial, then abdominal pain- for which they checked my appendix, continued pain and mild nausea...and I am only 4 weeks! I'm starting to get way more nauseated

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    RandomRaine Guest


    I had a feeling that i might be, but i wasnt sure because me and DH had been trying for over a year, with one MC and other than that, no results. all of a sudden i got really tired all the time, and started getting the spins and a light nausia. soon after i took THREE tests, hours apart, and now we have our long awaited little girl on the way!! =D

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    i got lucky.. >.> my nausea didnt really get bad until i hit 12wks. -_-

    I've also had off and on problems with UTI's and another case of BV. =P

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    Early Pregnancy symptoms were
    -Dizzy/sick feeling
    -Stuffy nose
    -bloody nose
    -shortness of breath
    -sore boobs slightly
    -high cervix
    -stronger sense of smell
    -about 5 or 6 BFP dreams!!

    thats it for now im 5W4D now and symptoms seem calmer twinges in abdomen but no MS

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    Moodiness, tender sore breasts, and menstrual type cramping. I didn't have a regular cycle to begin with and would cramps about a week before AF. This time AF just never came. I didn't think I was pregnant just an off cycle.

    I took a HPT because I really wanted wine but didn't want to chance it. Well no wine for a while Totally okay with me

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    Sue Lin Guest


    So..I JUST found out! This was the first month we tried (first month off BC). I think I'm about 4 weeks? This will be my first and my husband's second. I don't know because my last period was very light and off-cycle and I don't know when I actually ovulated. I actually felt like I ovulated about 5 days after I took my nuvaring out, but thought "nahhhh".

    I had the following EARLY signs:

    VERY sore nipples (like I wanted to cry) about 10 days ago. They lasted for about 5 days. In fact on that same day the sore nipples started I also had BAD bloating and gas. Like OMG, my stomach is going to explode! Both of those have subsided, but the nipples are JUST starting to come back.

    When I read about "sore boobs" I imagined sore nipples. Oh no, they are actually hurt from time to time. They felt like someone was either pushing them up or pulling them down. This was infrequent, but looking back, definitely new.

    The next symptom was indigestion...daily over the last week. I thought "I never get indigestion?" and I was even waking up with it. I'd set foot on the ground and within 1/2 hr, I'd have indigestion.

    Then, the twinges about 4 days ago. They are exactly that. It would be like little pokes..not really pain, just a poke. This has happened every day and is still happening. Now, I'd say I just have an uncomfortable pressure real low between my hip bones.

    VIVID dreams.

    Cervical muscus for about the last week.

    Oh yeah (sorry TMI), but it may help another new mommy trying to decide if she's expecting. I had very soft stool and it was very light in color (like a caramel color). Not the runs...just very soft.

    Not tired, not sick, no real headaches.

    Oh yeah, I have very light pink areolas and those pink now.

    That's about it so far! We're excited!
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    sore breasts! and feeling sleepy all the time!

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    MammaKat Guest


    Dull cramps
    Feeling like I overate after 5 bites
    White discharge I thought was the start of a YI, but someone on the thread mentioned 'cervical mucus'- I'll take that, please.
    A nasty sore throat and cold not really pregnancy related but it sucks!

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    Sore nipples was my first symptom, and also a mild achy feeling in my pelvis, different from AF.
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    This time around I was convinced that this month was not the month because I had all my normal AF symptoms; cramping, a bit of fatigue, sore boobs and none of my normal pregnancy symptoms *extreme nausea and food aversions*. I still don't have that, touch wood, but I am extremely hungry.
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    I'm either very hungry or starving all the time. I've gone from two small meals a day to four plus big ones. I also have some soreness up top, I've been a little tired, sometimes I get a tiny bit faint. I guess blood pressure drops often when the baby's tapping in because your vascular system is expanding. My sister's bp drops about 20 pts.

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    I missed a period, but I was sick, so I thought it was from that. Then, my "girls" started to get really tender and sore and I felt like I had started my period over and over again..running to the bathroom several times a day. I finally broke down and took a test...then another..then another...then another. All said positive

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    Right now I'm only 4 weeks 1 day but the ONLY symptom I have is slight cramping occasionally and no AF...still waiting on the rest of my symptoms to arrive
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    You answered my question. You see i have a four year old but im expecting right now and im barely 2 months pregnant. Now with my first child i didnt bleed at all, so when i saw blood the other day i wasnt sure what it was everyone kept telling me its normal to spot. But as u said it was more like a light period that stopped a few minutes after it started then spotting. And i also had very tender breasts about a month or so before i found out i was pregnant. And the nausea this time around is more intense then my first pregnancy.

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    My symptoms so far are Sleepy, fatigue, Shivers, Cough, sore/itchy throat, stuffy nose, headaches, gas, slight back aches, slight period like stomach cramps when I lay on my left side, moody, loss of appetite, constantly thirsty. I am six weeks. First pregnancy.

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    Horrible gas, bloating and tender nipples were the first signs for me. Before I got up the nerve to test I had a gush of bright red blood after my normal intense workout. The blood stopped completely though and so I tested the next day and got a positive test. Since then I have been horribly hungry and thirsty, have an icky stomach, hot flashes and insomnia. This is my third pregnancy.
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    Just found out last week and i am having cramping, sore boobs, fatigue and food aversion.

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    Stepping in: With both kids tiredness and fatigue hit hard core for me, being hungry, having mild cramps, and mood swings.
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    HORRIBLE and painful gas and bloating. Tight bra, boob soreness comes and goes, almost 6 weeks and getting some nausea (terrified of it, I am one of those people who hates throwing up, not sure what I'm gonna do!) Headaches at times and sometimes I get really hot/feel like my temperature rises and I sweat. (Anyone else with the hot thing?) Tired, taking naps whenever possible. Thirsty, stiff and painful lower back, dizziness. At this moment, the gas seems like the worst. Just hurts.
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    I had a few out of control mood swings and then some nausea

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    My early pregnancy symptoms is..I get hungry sometimes just hours after I've eaten

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    Frequent urge to pee. We went hiking on a Sunday, two days after I was officially late. We had to stop at a pit toilet (disgusting!) because I had to go SO bad. Then I had to go again, as soon as the hike was over, and I have an iron bladder. I tested the next day, and got a positive on the digital.

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    Well, I'm back for another round! Woo hoo! I finally got my BFP today - 9dpo according to Fertility Friend. I didn't have any remarkable symptoms that were unusual or unlike normal PMS symptoms. I have had a bit of cramping, but nothing like I had when I was pregnant with DS. My boobs are quite sore, but that really started after my BFP. I have POASed twice today, once with FMU and once mid-day, and the mid-day one was a lot darker than the FMU one, much to my surprise! Glad to be back to APA - it has changed a lot since my son was born.
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