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Thread: What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

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    babypaden Guest

    Default symptoms

    I am like clockwork with my menstrual cycle. I was 2 days late and had a feeling! I gained 2 lbs after recently losing 5 at the gym ... and my breasts are very tender and sore. They are already feeling larger!

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    I normally smoked 2 packs of cigs a day and they started to taste gross to me, could barely smoke. my boobs were sore. everything smelled gross. i couldnt "suck in" my belly. foods that normally were my fav i hated!

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    NicoleGibson Guest


    I tested positive on the pee test sense we were trying and I am 5 weeks and 1 day and I don't really feel preggers besides being tired. I miscarried last October so I am scared it will happen again...

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    My initial symptom was being super thirsty all the time. That was what made me decide to get a test. Then it progressed into being sleepy, sensitive breasts and nipples, and mild nausea. Mainly nausea, vomiting, and food aversions now.
    Me (26), DH (31), DD (3), and DS (1).

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    This time around I had a yeast infection at about 7 DPO. I wouldn't have thought anything of it but it was also a symptom for me last fall before I m/c. I was also very emotional and moody. I was charting and my temps were all over the place so I didn't think I could be but when AF didn't show I tested and found out I was pregnant.

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    Sore breasts
    Night Sweats
    Metal taste in mouth
    Liz (24) Nick (26) Brayden (9.30.03) Gentry (11.6.10) Hudson (9.17.12)

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    Dorcasdeer Guest


    I felt out of sorts, feverish and very uncomfortable.

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    a.dillard326 Guest

    Default my symptoms

    i have had a lot of cramping but not painful...i heard they were stretching pains. My breast have been sore for about 5 wks and i am always hungry and sleep all the time NO MORNING SICKNESS THOUGH...YAY!!!!

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    suzie21 Guest


    I feel like pee a lot and a lot of craming and feel uncomfortable also wanna sleep all day long....

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    This is my second pregnancy and so far my symptoms are very similar to the first time:

    implantation bleeding (8-9 dpo)
    me (35) dh (34) dd (2) and ds (March 2012)

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    I had extreme nausea one day and I am pretty sure that was the moment of conception. I never feel nauseous so this was a big thing for me. I was on/off nauseous and even dizzy. I was peeing a lot more than normal, and all of this was before 13dpo. Also, about a week or so before AF is due, my boobs get tender. This time they weren't. I had ewcm a while after o and then the creamy cm picked up. I still have that.
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    July cycle, was my 2nd cycle TTC - and I had a really painful period.

    August cycle, went from TTC to NTNP to breaking up with my boyfriend and not trying at all - so I either conceived in July, or I ovulated early in August -- still not sure when I conceived or how far along I am, will hopefully find out this week.

    But, in July I had tons of symptoms before I had "my period" - in August, before I got my BFP.. absolutely nothing aside from sore nipples and a bigger appetite.. and my period that never showed
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    shanojash629 Guest

    Default Early symptoms

    I experienced serious bloating, was real tired, and had tender boobs! And I'm convinced my dog new - because he slept next to my side of the bed all night one night, right around the time of implantation (and he never ever does t<a href=""><img src="" alt="pregnancy due date" border="0" /></a>hat).

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    The first was a cramp that just wasn't like one leading up to AF. Then that night I woke up to pee in the middle of the night (NEVER happens to me, no matter how much I drink before going to bed) so I tested positive that morning. I was also gassy, but so was DH so I didn't think anything of it. Now (1 week later), I am still very gassy (belching keeps nausea away, thankfully) and I feel that I am more and more tired and sleepy with each passing day. According to FF, I am 4 weeks, 4 days, but I think I might be slightly further along than that. Gut feeling is all though.
    Rae (27), DH (26), Lucas (6/3/12), Amelia (12/13/13)

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    Ocmarilyn Guest


    5 weeks pregnant now...light cramps, sore breasts (beyond sore!), fatigue, pee 4-5 times a night, nausea around 4:00 everyday, back aches are killing me!, and occasional migraines...I pretty much have everything

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    My symptoms are Missed Period ,craving's,peeing a lot, Extremely Hungry,Massively exhausted, Very Nauseated throughout the day,Very moody,Very sore breasts, and the smell of some food makes me wanna hurl,headaches,Dizziness,some light light spotting but nothing to worrie about.

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    This is my first pregnancy, and my symptoms were cramping (felt like right before AF), sore boobs and I started waking up at night to pee.
    Brianna Nicole born July 28, 2012

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    Angeleigh Guest


    Hi ladies! First of all congrats on your bun =) I know im sort of off topic but I figured why not ask women who are pregnant. So here goes and plz bear with me...
    Okay so I am 22 yrs old. I became pregnant once before in 2009 @ age 19 but I decided I wasnt ready and went through with the abortion =( Anyway fast forward to this present day; im not feeling my best. Im having pressure and soreness in my vaginal and rectum area (pelvic area I reckon.) Experiencing frequent urination and I feel constipated too. Not to mention im having cramps like I feel like im gonna start my period and I have already had it on the 9th-14. my "period" came 5 days early this month (which never happens) which started with a pink glob in the toilet the size of a half dollar coin; and shortly after led to bright blood for 4-5 days following, but it wasnt clotty (as my period normally clotty the first couple of day of af.) It never filled a whole tamp either, but maybe I was changing them too frequently. Anyway, about 3 days ago I had the most awful pain in my vagina & it led to the back of my thigh that lasted for about two days. The thing is that when I was preggo b4, I knew it before I tested and the only symptoms I experienced were sore bb's, frequent urination- and fatigue I need some answers. Has anyone experienced this and turned out to be preggo?
    If one of you could plz take a sec to answer and thank u for taking the time to read <3 =)

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    Angeleigh Guest


    O I 4got to add that my 1st pregnancy, I missed my period and thats what made me go to the doc to confirm what I suspected... This time im not so sure. Btw all answers are welcome! Thanks! =)

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    I get cramps, a little breast soreness, very tired and headaches no morning sickness

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    tingly bbs, EXTREMELY irritable, and constant nausea especially after eating.
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    It's still up in the air how far along I am but we're somewhere in between 5 and 6 weeks. (U/S, blood work and LMP are indicating different things) But so far I have:

    ~Peeing like crazy
    ~VERY sore and already growing BB's
    ~Last week i'd vomit just when brushing teeth but now the nausea/vomiting is on/off all day (never thought I'd be so happy to throw up)
    ~TIRED during the day and then wide awake at night
    ~And a silly symptom I've noticed is A LOT of excess saliva
    ~And of course... the fantastic emotional roller coaster ride... seriously someone could tell me my eyes are blue (which they are) and I could cry or bite the person's head off. Oh, my poor hubby.
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    Me(29), DH(34)~Married July 11th 2009~BFP came on 4/9/12~Due Date has been set at Dec 10th but is still up in the air.

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    jamie1094 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by geebee View Post
    EXTREME fatigue, EXTREME boob soreness, famished all the time and ate like a horse, major craving for Ramen of all things!
    That's SO funny to me that you would say Ramen!! I am about 4 weeks and today I left work and hour early for lunch because if I didn't get some chicken ramen noodles I was sure I would explode!! LOL

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    chelseadee Guest

    Default Early Pregnancy Symptoms

    I got my BFP 5 days ago. The signs I had were:
    Very crampy 2 dpo and increased CM the days after.
    Extreme mood swings.
    My breasts were not tender (usually they were right before I started my period).
    I was hungry every 3 hours.
    All around sick/nauseous feeling.
    Then, my bfp

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    StefanieandJake Guest


    Very tired when 3PM comes around and light nausea shortly after about 5:00PM. Some cramping but manageable.

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    I was overly emotional and my bf made me labels that say "BE NICE, I'M EXPECTING!"

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    ReneeOlson Guest

    Talking Just found out today!

    very sore breasts, sleepiness, back pain, I felt a little sick but never threw up, but who knows maybe that is soon to come.

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    haylem Guest


    sore chesticles, and i was suddenly tired all the time. i didn't notice a change in my appetite so much as the actual weight gain (and the husband DEFINITELY noticed that... ( . Y . )!!!) i was suspicious for several weeks before i actually went and was tested, and now i'm just excited.
    and i feel awfully lucky, no nausea AT ALL.

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    crazylife101 Guest


    Swollen Breasts, extreme exhaustion and excessive hunger all in first couple weeks.

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