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Thread: What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

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    my erliestsymptom was the day i thought i was going to start my period a week early and i just felt the surge of horomones like i normally do and my breasts felt heavy and tender..normally the horomone surge is pretty average feeling for me but this time i got it was like i got hit by a truck and i had two spots the next day then i knew something was up! i eased up on my drinking and smoking and waited for my period to period came so i waited about half a week and took the clear blue easy and viola! i was actually pregnant all drinking and smoking ceased that week before i even took the test. i am now 17 weeks and been going throughmorning sickness for a while now. i also remember that the day i felt that massive explosion of horomones is probably the day the baby implanted...i guess its true then sometimes you just know..i am 34 and was never able to concieve and never thought it would happen after so many "false" pregnancy symptoms i now know its true..when you know you know. i even remember having an x-ray on my foot the weekend befoer the homone surege where i was instinctivly protecting my uterus for some odd reason i felt the need too "in case i might get pregnant in the future" i thought to myself ..weird now that i look back at all the events hopefully my instincts stay sharp like that in the future right? haha oh and i do remember getting the farts really bad all the time!
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