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Thread: What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

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    I had AF type cramps for two weeks along with extremely sore breast. My period was 6 days late, back pain, headaches, dizziness, extreme tiredness, OMG ready to scream at everyone. So after day 7 with no AF I decided to test after work. (In theory, if I was Prego it would show up no matter what since I was six days late.) The test was positive and just to make sure I downed more gatorade, went to the drug store and bought another sure enough it was positive.

    The bad thing for me, was I had been TTC for a while and was having alot of the symptoms I would get before my period would come so every month I thought I was pregnant and wasn't. That's why I didn't bother testing for so long.

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    I thought my DR was crazy but she told me to try the clearblue easy fertility monitor (try ebay) she said for me to stop tracking my BBT and my ovulation because the test monitor does everything for you.

    One month after use, I'm prego's!

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    I got BFPs before AF came both times. First time a couple months ago I had no symptoms and had a chemical a week later. This time I felt weird in the uterus region, had a headache which I never get and have been exhausted. My AF isn't due until Mon/Tues...tested positive last night.

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    my first symptom was constant urination, like crazy! Then there was some icky bloating and THEN after getting BFP, the killer boobies kicked in... the first trimester is SO enjoyable!

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    colleen2327 Guest


    this was weird.. a week before i was suppose to get my AF , i have loose stools. i had to go to the restroom every 3-4 hours.. even i haven't eaten. then the week i was suppose to get my AF, it was just normal, no signs of loose stools but as soon as i took the test and had that BFP 2 days later i started going to the bathroom a lot to pee and at the same time with diarrhea.. gross.. but i want to think that this is my "morning sickness" thing.. i'd rather have this than throw up.. we will see.. im just on my 5th week..

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    DariensMom Guest


    I found out I was pregnant because I had an accident lol.. I blacked out, fell, knocked myself out, and had a mild concussion. I was telling some friends about what happened when someone mentioned that I might just be preggo! Sure enough I am! I am in week 6 now and have only a few symptoms.. dizziness/fuzziness, lack of concentration and short-term memory, diarrhea, menstrual-like cramps, insomnia, and of course frequent trips to the bathroom

    I am not sure if my dizziness/fuzziness, lack of concentration and short-term memory is from the mild concussion or from the pregnancy, or both.
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    I would have to agree with the EXTREME fatigue. I tested on a Sunday morning, but a couple days earlier in the week, like Wed., Thur., and Fri., I came home from work and took naps each day...not something I usually do. And, the Monday before that Sunday, I had a strong but brief pain in my side which I like to assume was implantation. In addition, I was constipated and bloated. No sore boobs...that is why I had a hard time believing that I was possibly pregnant because everyone talks about that. My husband and I were trying for 11 months, and even with the positive home preg. test, I still couldn't believe it and couldn't wait for the blood test results to prove it was true!! Even to this day (I am 18 weeks today), I still don't feel pregnant...that is why I like my ultrasounds so much 'cause it is like proof there is something there!!

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    I was exhausted within a week of getting pregnant. That and lightheaded when I got up. Other than that, still (almost 9 weeks) no major signs!

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    maybe-baby Guest


    I was cramping, really tired, really hot, and really hungry (like I couldn't fill up) for probably three days leading up to finding out at 13DPO. Then constant urination and breast tenderness. I am currently about 4weeks, 4days and have still have all these symptoms.

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    LisaJ2224 Guest


    My symptoms...hopefully everything will go well and I will get to add to these.

    From about 12 DPO:

    1) CM was dry....barely anything.

    2) I can smell everything (even myself. TMI, I know, but seriously...I noticed that over a week ago. Not a bad smell, but odd and driving me nuts and DH hasn't really noticed a change).

    3) BBs sore off and on. That is driving me crazy, because they aren't as sore as they were on Monday today. Hoping it is normal.

    4) Absence of pre AF pink CM at 12 DPO, no "tummy trouble" at 12 DPO.

    5) My pulse is quicker.

    6) I am SO thirsty. ALL the time. Hungry, too.

    8) felt a little off last night...not quite dizzy, but as if in a fog.

    9) I have never been so tired in my life for so many days in a row.

    10) Positive HPT at about 16 DPO...turned blue immediately. Seriously, I have never seen anything like it!
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    I had HORRIFIC cramps. I thought (and my nurses suspected) that it was an ectopic it hurt so bad. In fact, I would be doubled over and vomiting for about 20 minutes 5 times a day on the worst day, it eventually lessened up, but it was HORRIBLE, other than that, not too much.

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    i had/have very sore breast.. had an unusall urge to eat everything in site lol... very gassy ( tmi ) lol.. and felt like vomiting as soon as i would wake up...

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    I have my fingers crossed tightly everything is on track, but at 14DPO (TOTAL guess since we actually quit ttc) I had a much higher pulse, that I couldn't even sleep. Sore boobs, but nothing different from pms. I actually didn't have pms. Nope. No cravings, no angry mood swings, nada. I was actually really happy! Except for the hellish cramps! They make me stop what I'm doing and take deep breaths... Now my boobs are starting to hurt less, and I'm scared... Weird thing is I'm barely hungry. I think it's because I'm so excited/nervous, whatever you name it lol.

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    kelsytropico Guest


    Stomach twinges, kinda like a pulling or a cramp...not sure excatly how to describe it. Other then that, I'm completely normal. I never would have even thought I was pregnant if I had asked a friend about somtach pain. I had never heard of that before.

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    tracy Guest


    My first sign was dizzyness. I could not, for the life of me, keep my eyes open. I remember thinking - I should be doing something - then just fading off...

    My BBs were (and still are) very sore. I feel like Dolly Parton! I'm only 7 weeks!

    Abdominal cramping - like menstrual.

    Back aches.

    I can no longer sleep on my left side, which was sooo comfy before.
    My hips hurt when I do.

    Nausea when I'm hungry.
    But I've never thrown up.

    Forgetfulness....wait...what was the question??

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    I found out I was pregnant when I took a HPT after I mentioned to my girlfriend that what I really wanted was Corn Beef and Chocolate for St. Paddies day. She asked me if I was prego and next thing I know...
    Plenty of nausea and food cravings during the first trimester and now...
    tons of insomnia

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    I thought I had a stomach virus. I was vomiting, running a fever and slept for three days straight. DH wanted my mom to take me to the hospital while he was at work cause I couldn't keep anything down, and she made me take a test first, and poof guess what, I'm pregnant!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Debi View Post
    I had really bad unusual cramps and backache for a week.
    i have been having cramps on the left side of my lower abdomen which sometimes, it's a dull ache, but other times the pain is a little bit harsh. its only been happening for about a week now...and i've been really i was so idk..."backed up" lol, that i couldnt even burp, i had to take TUMS..and i NEVER have this problem. my nips arent sore though, just the sides of my bbs are somewhat tender...idk.

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    I noticed that my normal AF signs were missing so I tested 3 days before AF was to show---said Pregnant--took 2 more tests and had blood work. Other than my missing symptoms, nothing else.

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    I dont have any sypmtoms yet. I just got a positive test, 5 days before AF. I have light cramping though

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    I had some light cramping, my boobs are a little sore, not too bad though. but my goodness I cant stop crying! the littlest thing sets me off! I have been extremely thirsty, and hungry every 3 hours or so. and not just hungy, i could eat, but hungry omg if i dont get food in me soon im going to throw up! and of course the cravings, hot tomales klondike bars and doritos...and fatigue. loooots of fatigue...
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    A little over two weeks into the cycle, I broke out with acne. A few days later I was seasick while fishing in a small lake (usually only seasick on big lakes), followed by IBS flaring up, sore boobs, and tiredness that I mistook for my depression. BFP on day 29, when my AF was about 3 days late.

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    Very tired, bloating and pulling sensation in stomach
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    firstimer Guest


    I received my positive test from my Dr. this Tuesday. I was tired and wanted to sleep alot, which was not normal for me. Like rma1983 I was bloated and had a cramping or something in my stomach.

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    "First" symptoms (things I felt from 12 dpo).

    I'm incredibly hot, all the time. My pulse is up, my temp is up.

    I need to be drinking something at all times.

    I have these weird cramps... kind of like when you are doing deep stretches and you get that feeling down there?

    Hopefully there will be more to add to this later!

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    I really havent had any typical symptoms yet. When I had missed my period I took 2 preg tests which both came out positive, Ive been kinda thirsty since Fri when I tested and Ive been having kinda tingly/pulling sensations down there.

    Oh yay and Ive been losing my balance on steps, which Ive never done before but who knows why! If I didnt know any better Id thought I had too much too drink.
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    catfish4 Guest


    My first symptoms were very weird! I had shortness of breath it seemed like right away. But luckily that went away. I was super super tired. I kind of just felt like I was pg. Later on, like right around AF due time, I had AF cramps except not as extreme. I had veins in the boobies, and then I thought Af came. But it was only like very light pink and then a dark brown color only when I wiped. I took 5 digital pregnancy tests, all with the blaring PREGNANT!

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    My symptoms to date are sore boobs - but deep inside soreness, larger boobs too with more visable veins. I also had a sudden adversion to scrambled eggs and now I am having cramping, but not nearly as bad as my usual AF cramps
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    Had a couple dizzy spells while waiting for AF. Didn't have usual AF symptoms, but was very tired and peeing a LOT. Missed my period. Intensified smell.
    Didn't start having food aversions until a few weeks later - grilled onions & meat (especially the smell of it cooking).
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    AllenYoung Guest


    just at home,feeling very tired and nauseated...

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