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Thread: What were your early pregnancy symptoms?

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    Default Almost none

    First time I had nothing except for my breasts killing me from day 1. Ended up as a blighted ovum.
    Second time nothing, not even the breasts. It seems I was a bit more tired and with some nausea on week 5, but I was traveling, not eating well and in the middle of Xmas/New Year period, when everybody feels tired.
    After week 6 started, my breasts only now start to annoy me but only a very tiny little bit... Nausea, on the other hand, is killing me, all day long (I don't actually get sick, but get nauseated all day long, being worse in the evening).:X
    In the first weeks I had more CM than usual for post-ovulation period (about 10 days after my ovulation, it seemed I was ovulating again, given the amount of CM).
    When week 6 started I also started having very scanty spotting. Did an u/s but everything so far is great, even a h/b was heard and the nurse calmed me down about it. That was only then that I convinced myself I was pregnant.

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    I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks and had no symptoms until week 6 when I started to feel more tired than usual and morning sickness started to appear itself more and more every day.
    Expecting 2nd baby on July 13,2009

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    ronniesrussell Guest


    i could sleep all day. lol. i eat smaller meals, but more of them. cramping. and the feeling that something is growing in my belly.
    and not to sound like a nu-be, but what does AF mean? i use acronyms on a daily basis at work, but you guys have me stumped.

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    AF- Stands for Aunt-Flo (your menstration).

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    ronniesrussell Guest


    lol. that makes sense. thanks.

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    I had some cramping that felt different than my normal period cramps. And then my breast got extremely full. I knew before I had a late period that I was pregnant!

    Me (27) DH (27)

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    1. Strange cramps. Normally I cramp for about 12 hours before AF shows, but three days later cramps were still bugging me not one spot ever showed. This was before a missed period.

    2. Then I noticed my (.)(.) kinda hurt if I jogged up stairs.

    3. Unexplained nausea. Like the nausea you get when you eat too much of something.

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    Default Symptoms

    I just kind of knew, though I still was shocked when the test was positive. When I told my husband he thought I was joking, only because I tested each month if my period was a day late because I wanted to get pregnant so bad.

    My main symptom was nauseousness and tiredness. I never threw-up and I was nervous because I thought that was something that was supposed to happen. But they say symptoms vary from woman to woman and shouldn't be used as a marker to measure whether your symptoms are normal or not.

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    Immediate extreme fatigue

    Super sore boobs (usually only sore during ovulation) and I was over OV when this developed which had me very confused.

    Occasional waves of naseau (I thought I was just dreaming up symptoms)

    Light pink and brown spotting for five days, about five days before AF was due (this is when I knew something was up, I had never spotted in my life, and I knew it wasn't AF because I was Never early, always very regular.

    Emotional, I am emotional naturally, but this was different. There were a couple of times I felt so much rage over something little, I thought my body would explode!

    Positive test about three days before AF was due!


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    I tested positive this morning with a dark pink line, three days before my expected period! This was our first month TTC so I feel blessed.

    I definitely noticed early pregnancy symptoms - I attribute this to knowing my body so well. I was exhausted by 8:00 pm several nights in a row, was extremely bloated, experienced heartburn for the first time in my life, and my breasts seemed to grow overnight! I also was having new sensations in my lower abdominal area - dull cramping and what seemed like my uterus stretching.
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    Due with Baby # 1 October 7th, 2009

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    cramping that I normally do not have starting at like 7DPO and nausea starting around the same time.
    The day I got my BFP I started spotting a little bit, and was convinced I was having a chemical... The cramps that night were worse than my normal AF cramps, but the spotting only lasted two days and now the cramping is just a little bit here and there.
    Shan 27, DH 28 and D born 10.5.2009

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    With my first I was deathly ill. Sicker than anything my BBs hurt pee'd every five seconds. With this one I had symptoms that would come and go each day. Then my symptoms vanished and I took a test and it came up positve. 5 tests and a blood test later I believe it. The only symptom right now is increased appetite

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    My nipples itched, and a missed period.
    DUE MAR 20 Jacque(23) DH (25)

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    Pearl5 Guest


    Is it possible for a symptom to wax and wain; come on strong then go away for a day or two?

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    I have lots of symptoms, sore breasts, always hungry but very picky with food, nausea, lightheadness, increased heart rate, feel like i am catching my breath all the time, feel bloated, costipation, name it i think i have it all except that i dont or try not to vomit. Just the thought of it makes me sick.

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    With this pregnancy, it was spotting for only a day around implantation time and sore, achy, BIGGER boobs! They hurt so bad!! One day, my husband decided he was going to pinch a nipple for fun...ha ha ha He thought it was funny until I boxed his ears and then started Another sign....mood swings!
    The most obvious sign to me though, was the aversion to certain smells. I work at Dunkin Donuts and one day I went to get a couple frosted donuts from the pastry case and the smell of the FROSTING sent me running to the toilet. I still can't stand to be near the sandwich station with the sausage...yuck... haven't been able to eat red meat since I got pregnant either.
    I also had been finding myself exhausted by 7pm when normally I am a reliable nightowl. I still end up in bed by 7:30-8. Good thing I guess, since I have to be up at 4am for work!
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    Wink My BFP Story!!!

    Well I got my today I tested early because yesterday I had the worst pain in my boobs especially in my nipples and began having a lot of CM. Went to the drugstore and bought a Clearblue easy +/- and got a faint line, tested today with FMU and with Clearblue and Equate.

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    Tired, moody, sore boobs, cramps, and after 2 weeks of that the morning sickness kicked in, then I had a positive pregnancy test, I was already 5 weeks 6 days when I found out so all that stuff happened pretty early in my pregnancy. I thought I was getting my period until the morning sickness came that is when I knew and went to Wal-mart and got a Clearblue digital test.
    Me(24)DBF(25)Cecilia Claire born 7/21/09! Akira Jade born 10/11/10!

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    VERY gassy. Tired. Peeing often. Seconds of nausea.

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    amy_elise Guest


    I was really tired, a little dizzy, and my sense of smell was going CRAZY!

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    Default symptoms

    I didn't figure things out till 2 months. I felt nausea all day.

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    extreme pain in breasts by armpits that began on the day I ovulated till 13DPO when I got my . I totally knew something was up because they never hurt like that; actually they never hurt, really.

    Then after I got the , seems like I developed 5 new symptoms, immediately! Frequent urination, hungry every three hours exactly, gassy, and very mild cramping.

    I'm so excited this is our first
    url= kers][/url]

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    simplicity Guest


    white cervical mucus, cramps and tiredness

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    i have backache, little pinchy cramps, many bathroom trips, tender/sensitive breasts, and i seem to get tired more easily, a trip to the store knocks me out as soon as i get home and on a couch!

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    sore breasts that were larger than usual with more prominent veins
    "feeling" pregnant
    twinges in my lower right abdomen not really like AF cramping.

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    I Have The Same Problem My Last Period Was Jan 28, 2009. My Clycles Are On A 28-31 Day Schedule. Me Ad My Boyfriend Has Had Sex Every Day For The Past Week And He Doesnt Stop When That Time Comes. I Saw The Egg White Discharge Last Week. I Have A Son Who Is 2 And A Daughter Who Is 5. We Want More. But Could I Be Pregnant Now?

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    Hungry all the time - but, fuller faster. Very bloated and constipated. Sometimes nauseous ...but, not that often.

    Weepy pretty much all the time and for no reason.

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    My symptoms happened in this order:
    1.Strange food cravings
    2.Tender breasts
    3.Mood swings
    4.Missed period
    5.Positive home test
    6.Bra cup went up two sizes
    7.Morning sickness
    8.Scent aversions
    Our first baby our little boy March 2, 2010

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    #1 symptom, Unbelievably tired! Boobs are sore, more so in the evenings. When I take off my bra they feel SOOO heavy and hurt. Need to eat every few hours or I get queasy. Mood swings started yesterday.

    Currently at 7 weeks.

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    Sore sore boobs,
    and oh so hungry!
    6[/B] pounds down 34 more to go!

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