First time I had nothing except for my breasts killing me from day 1. Ended up as a blighted ovum.
Second time nothing, not even the breasts. It seems I was a bit more tired and with some nausea on week 5, but I was traveling, not eating well and in the middle of Xmas/New Year period, when everybody feels tired.
After week 6 started, my breasts only now start to annoy me but only a very tiny little bit... Nausea, on the other hand, is killing me, all day long (I don't actually get sick, but get nauseated all day long, being worse in the evening).:X
In the first weeks I had more CM than usual for post-ovulation period (about 10 days after my ovulation, it seemed I was ovulating again, given the amount of CM).
When week 6 started I also started having very scanty spotting. Did an u/s but everything so far is great, even a h/b was heard and the nurse calmed me down about it. That was only then that I convinced myself I was pregnant.