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Thread: Stressed for my entire pregnancy over who the dad could be and understand dates.

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    Default Stressed for my entire pregnancy over who the dad could be and understand dates.

    My last LMP was December 9/10, I'm pretty sure because I am remember 2 occasions where I was with male friends and had to hide the tampon/pad. The month before that It was Nov 11-14 as I have a text that proves it, and going back to June it seems to fall every 4 weeks. Even I noticed that it falls around the same days as the previous month. I was on BC at the start of July but didnt take it regulary and probably came off it around August or early September.

    Now, I've been reading alot about cycles and the phases and they say the luteal phase is about 12-16 days before your next period. If my cycles are 28 days every time does this mean I am ovulating near mid cycle everytime?

    I ask because on December 7, I think I had pre-period discharge. (I was wearing a pad because of this but I second guess sometimes if it was my period but im pretty sure my LMP was Dec 9 :/). Anyways, LMP December 9-12/13..I had sex the 14, 17, and 24. On the night of the 23 when I went to meet the man, I think (I THINK) I had CM because I remember I had to walk 25mins to meet him and didn't want to walk to fast to avoid getting it on my undies.

    Every calculator says I should ovulate mid cycle. I'm pretty sure of my dates, but when I went for my 12 week US she said I was 13 weeks and conceived December 17. And its driving me nuts, because my doctor says its not likely that I ovulated on CD9 or fundal height was 27 cm this week when im in my 28th week. it seems to match what my LMP
    So first US I was told I was 13 weeks...then second ultrasound there was 2 dates on the screen. 19w1 EDC and 19w5 US EDC.

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    BC can really throw your cycles off, especially if you hadn't been taking it regularly prior to stopping it. Without charting your temps and fertility signs it's impossible to know exactly when you ovulated. Even women who have very regular cycles can have an off month and ovulate earlier or later than expected, or even not at all.

    Based on LMP and *if* you have regular 28 day cycles you would have ovulated on Dec 23rd, your fertile days would have been approximately Dec 18th-Dec 25th, your dd would be Sept 15th, and you'd be 29wks+3 as of today (July 3rd). That's a lot of assumptions though since there are many many many factors that can skew all of that .

    Ultrasounds in the 1st trimester and very early 2nd trimester are the most accurate for dating the pregnancy, but they can be off by 6 days in either direction and still be normal. Later ultrasounds and fundal height are great for assessing growth, but not for determining when you might have conceived.

    Your sexual encounters are close enough that it might be impossible to know for sure without a paternity test. I think it's less likely that you got pregnant so soon after your period ended on the 7th, but it's certainly not impossible. The 14th and the 23rd are very possible, especially considering sperm can live 3-7 days in fertile cm.

    I hope you get it all figured out...I'm sure this is a very stressful time for you .
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