Please keep adding your wonderful words of wisdom to this sticky.

Things I wish I'd knowing about BFing but nobody told me:
1. 24 hour nursing is very NORMAL at the beginning and in general BFing is far more time intensive than formula feeding because BFing babies feed more often (as the milk breaks down faster and is digested faster) and they also comfort suck a lot which helps you establish supply.

2. All BFing mamas worry about supply --too much (esp. at the beginning) or too little-- and as a rule of thumb it's better to avoid supplementing and instead keep the baby on the boob to up supply naturally because supplementing can actually hurt your supply, particularly early on.

3. Nipple pain is often a sign of a poor latch, but even if you have a good latch, for a while the nipples may feel like raw meat anyway as you simply get used to having them sucked for hours on end.

4. You baby will very likely hit growth spurts at 7-10 days, 2weeks, 4 weeks, 6weeks, 2months, 4months, 6months - and will do marathon nursing sessions and be kind of gritchly and miserable for a few days. This is NOT a sign that your baby is sick or your milk dried up. But it's a good time to settle in on the couch with some DVD's and a bottle of water. Nothing to do but ride it out.

5. Getting over any fear of nursing in public is probably a good idea, since otherwise you may go stir crazy staying at home all the time.

6. And most of all, I really really really wish I'd known that BFing does NOT always come naturally, and takes tons and tons of persistence and patience.

What about everyone else?