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    Default Injured nipple

    If I have a nipple that is very painful due to a crack (?) or something like it, should I avoid nursing on that side all together? It doesn't hurt when I pump but when the baby is on there it feels like he's taking scissors to my nipple.

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    Your baby is pretty young, correct? My nipples were cracked and sore for the first 2-3 weeks. I would check the latch to make sure everything looks good there and use some lanolin/lanolin-free nipple ointment. Just make sure the baby latches correctly! My babies did latch correctly but my nipples were still cracked/sore for the first few weeks but they would only hurt for the first 10-15 seconds of the feeding.

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    For me Nipple Shields were life savers. I would use that until it helps or continue pumping.
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    my lactation had me use APNO (all purpose nipple ointment) which was equal parts lotrimin, polymicin(sp), and hydrocortisone cream...applied after each feeding and did not need to be wiped off before feeding again because it absorbes...

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    I second the nipple shield. It was a lifesaver for me with my first child! Don't stop nursing on that side as it will mess with your supply. Use the lanolin like others suggested too. Cracked nips hurt like he.'ll but they will heal eventually.

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    I had a cracked nipple for over a month that is FINALLY just about healed. Lots of lanolin at first, and EBM on it every time I pumped. I also used nursing pads in my bra and changed them frequently so they weren't wet at all - they felt better on the nipple than just the bra itself. And I tried to expose it to the air as much as I could during the initial painful period. Make sure you have a good latch, and don't worry if you have to re-latch him several times to get it right. Adam would sometimes get so mad because I kept breaking the latch and trying again until it didn't hurt as much. It will eventually get better!
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    Definitely be using the ointment but I would also encourage you to use a nipple shield for a day or two. Not for a prolonged period since baby will become accustomed to it and not want to nurse without. I learned that one the hard way with my first baby.

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    How are you now? I would see a doctor who cab prescribe a proper ointment.
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