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Ya sometimes OPKs are not always reliable esp if your cycles are crazy! I think that it is just a matter of getting you on the right medication cocktail to get your cycles regulated.

Mine are becoming more regulated the longer I am on meds. Glucaphage has seemed to help with. I have also taken Clomid for 3 mos and the last 2 cycles I have taken femara...which has regulated them even more!
Yeah, I hope that with me taking the Femara, it will help regulate something! But on a serious note, my AF did seem a little more like my 7 days of heavy AF. I only lasted 5 days this time but last month I only lasted 3. So I do see that my AF is starting to somewhat regulate itself, even if it is ever so slightly.

Well, I guess that my and DH will BD until the end of the month and see what happens. It will be the TWW for me!!! I will keep you posted on everything!