Hi Michelle and all the other wonderful PCOS ladies,

I received DH's S/A results yesterday and the news was excellent. She didn't give me exact numbers but she said he was above the normal range in count and they were good strong swimmers. A least something sounds good for a change.

Today is cycle day 65. My physician called in a script for Provera to jump start the process, but DH doesn't want me to start it until after vacation. He said "Do you really want to be worrying about AF while at the beach?" I know it would be a major hassle, but it is one step closer to the ultimate goal. Anyone have the Provera work before the 10 days of pills are finished?

As for my weight gain, she is ordering a fasting/insulin test for when we return. Maybe that will shed some light on it. Also, she doesn't feel the need to do much monitoring during the first 3 months of Clomid, she just said to call if I have any pain or unusual side effects. Should that be a red flag?

As for the chin hair, I like the sugaring process. It doesn't hurt as much as waxing and the hair should come in finer after several appointments. I have had two so far and I don't notice much difference, but I will remain cautiously optimistic.

I use Murad for the acne. They have a nice system and it works pretty well when followed properly. I have had to get away from it for the last week because of the sun exposure warnings; I don't want to have a bad reaction at the beach.

Hopefully I will get one more chance to check in before we leave. However, if I don't have an awesome week and tons of baby dust to all of you!

Thanks Again!

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