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Thread: Struggling to conceive, advice on this problem?

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    Default Struggling to conceive, advice on this problem?

    When i have sex, my partner ejaculates in missionary and i lie on my back for at last 15 minutes but LOADS of semen still seems to come out. I'm not sure if this is why I'm not conceiving, is it nomal for lots to come out and does some still stay in?

    Sorry if it's too much info. But any answers are greatly appreciated!

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    I'm sorry you haven't gotten any responses...I'm just seeing this now! I think you posted around the same time there was a whole bunch of spam so your post may have gotten lost in all of that junk .

    It's totally normal for the semen to flow back out and it wouldn't be a reason for not conceiving since plenty of it stays in .

    I'm so sorry you're having trouble conceiving, there could be many many many reasons for that (could be something as simple as not having sex at the right time in your cycle to increase the likelihood of conceiving) . How long have you been trying?

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