Hello to all,

We have talked quite a bit about siggies in the mod room and debated back and forth. The challenge is to not stifle creativity and fun, but at the same time prevent big siggies that take a lot of the page.

Your siggy has four lines. The intent is for:
1 Text Line
1 Pic Line
2 Ticker lines

A siggy may only have 1 pic line. The pic line can have multiple pics in it going across, but it should not exceed 320 pixels high. This means those of you that have pics on top of each other will need to change them.

Ticker lines may be substituted for Text. For example, you might have a name, DSO, and DD line and you might have a quote line.

The primary focus of these guidelines is to focus on the use of pictures. Pictures should be no more than 320 pixels high and no longer stacked on top of each other.

Please make the changes now, so that mods don't have to ask.