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Thread: Clomid Blog

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    Thanks ladies!!

    Erin-I am so happy that you are at home resting with your two embryos!! Stick beans!!

    Good luck to the ladies who are testing!!! Can't wait to hear that you are PG!!!

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    Update gals????? How is everyone doing today?

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    Well, not sure about Erin, Boston or Alyssa, but it would seem I am pregnant!!!!!!! I couldn't get the cap back on the stick before the BFP came up this morning. I'm not sure I'll believe it until I see three good betas, but hopefully I can squeeze in for a first tomorrow. For now, I am and

    Erin, congrats on double trouble!!

    Alyssa, sending you big fat positive vibes for today!!!

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    Oh Malf that is great! Congrats!!! Did you call to get in for a tomorrow???

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    Yep, I'm going in first thing tomorrow - EEK!!!

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    Malf - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Yeah for a BFP!!!

    I was at the dr at 8am and they drew for the beta, they said they would call after lunch, so I'm a nervous wreck until then!!!

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    Awesome!! Lots of exciting happenings YAY!!! :pray: for BFP's and sky high

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    I just got the call......

    Beta is positive at 140.6 and progesterone is 40. I go back on Thursday at 8 for a 2nd beta, but they are very happy with these results!!!!!!!!

    I am shocked and excited and feel like I could throw up any minute, what an AMAZING day!!!!

    Thanks to all of you for your support, I COULD NOT have done this without you!

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    Ab-so-fricking-lut-ley Awesome!!!! Congrats!!

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    Great numbers, Alyssa! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now how are you telling DH?!?!?!?!

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    When the nurse called she didn't get the Congratulations out of her mouth before I burst into tears. DH has called me every 15 min to find out if I've heard anything so as soon as I hung up with the nurse I called him and blurted it out.

    I would have loved to have been more creative, but quite honestly I think I had completely made myself believe that it didn't work so I am in so much shock I just couldn't think of anything other than telling him!!!!

    I am sitting here at work in complete awe, staring at absolutely nothing - needless to say I think I'll be leaving early!

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    OMG!!! I come back to THIS?! I am soooooo happy for you guys!! I have goosebumps like CRAZY!!! What an AWESOME DAY!!!
    Erin & Jacob - Four years later... Ryann Elizabeth Dee is here! October 22nd, 2009! Our Story

  13. Default My update...

    Well....there they are..... The embryologist said that these lil embies are better quality than our last cycle. The big, fat one on the right is already hatching out of its little shell in that picture. My cervix cooperated miraculously and I managed NOT to pee on anyone. LOL.

    So, anyway, not too much to tell, really. I've been trying to rest and I'm feeling less dizzy, so that is GREAT. These last few days had been pretty rough. I will call today to find out if we have any snowbabies and also to find out for sure when my beta is....although I think it will be the 11th.

    I can't tell you guys thank you enough...really. I am floored by the continuous support I get from you girls. Just floored. we goooooo......wait, wait, wait some more.....tick tock.....tick tock.....
    Erin & Jacob - Four years later... Ryann Elizabeth Dee is here! October 22nd, 2009! Our Story

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    I'm breaking in here to post BIG congratulations!!!

    Lots of goosebumps here, too! This just made my day!

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    Michelle! I hope you O soon, girl! I'm ready for you to START!
    Erin & Jacob - Four years later... Ryann Elizabeth Dee is here! October 22nd, 2009! Our Story

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    Wow,what awesome news for both Malf and WishingNwaiting.
    I am so happy, I'm emotional.

    Erin, beautiful lil embies. I am only thinking positive thoughts for you and believing that on the 11th you will finally get a BFP.

    What a great day for all.

    As for me, I am 25 weeks pregnant today with my identical twin boys, Nicholas and Matthew, and just taking it one day at a time enjoying what I can such as their kicking and moving. I can't wait until you all experience this.
    Matthew & Nicholas born on May 5, 2009.

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    It depends on the individual, how much you take, what days you take it and how your body responds (it can change from cycle to cycle.) Typically, you would O 5-9 days after your last pill (that is not set in stone though.) Clomid does not necessarily extend your LP either.

    wanna - Sorry AF showed. Same here.

    This cycle will be unmedicated for me (FertilAid only) and if this cycle is a bust then next cycle I will do another round of 100mg clomid/trigger. If that doesn't work I will probably switch to femara.
    Karen 50 DH 55; DD 23; DS1 21; DS2 6; DSS 26; DSD 23 TTC 'our' 2nd since 9/06

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    Quote Originally Posted by pray2god View Post
    I had a question for ppl who are using clomid.

    Without meds, I used to get my OPK+ on CD12 and even with clomid 50Mg it was on CD12.

    I thought clomid is supposed to push out the OPK+ by a few days and subsequently also increase the LP.

    I seem to O on cd 13 on average and on clomid it was just 1 more day at cd 14. It didn't help extend my LP after 3 cycles and so I am not going to take it again. I really thought that it would the third time around too because I had three large follies.

    Jennifer, 35, DH 36

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    Malf & Wishing---CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I am so happy for you both. My stomach is doing flip flops. It's about time we saw some BFPS!!!!!!!!
    Wishing--After all we've been through I don't think I could hold out to do anything creative to tell DH. When it happens I'm sure I'm going to just blurt it out.
    Erin--what awesome embryos!!! I've read that if they are hatching then there is a better chance for pregnancy. You are so lucky your pictures are so clear. My picture is all a blur. I hope you're feeling well.

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    Wishing and Malf - Congrats!!

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    We have six little snowbabies, girls!! I'm in SHOCK! And oh so happy!
    Erin & Jacob - Four years later... Ryann Elizabeth Dee is here! October 22nd, 2009! Our Story

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    Alyssa, I know what you mean. I told DH at 3:30 this morning, b/c my bladder was just not going to wait until 6:00. He still managed to say I told you so.

    Erin, what gorgeous babies you have!!! And LOVING that you’ve got six frosties!


    Frances, so sweet of you to check in on us old-timers. Congrats on the boys! (PS, Matthew is on my list – LOVT it!!!)

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    Just had my 11 day u/s and b/w. Protocol: Femara, Repronex, Ovadrel. Anyway, it's working.. had 6 follies! 15, 15, 15, 15, 18, 20. I'm supposed to trigger tonight, we are having timed intercourse (frigging insuranace won't cover IUI.) I asked if the 15's were too small, Dr. said anything over 14 is good. And they said, having 6 follies is nothing to worry about because of my age. (36). I have old, wrinkly eggs I guess! This is just after my 4-year old asked me why my boobies stick down instead of stick up like the ladies on TV. NICE. . . . Good thing I have thick skin... Good news is the femara is working. Yeah!

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    Malf and Alyssa-OMG!!! GREAT NEWS!!!!! Congratulations to the two of you, both your messages made be tear. I'm so so happy for the two of you.

    Erin-You also contributed to my tears! Your embies look great girl! Congrats on the 6 snowbabies, this cycle sure has been better than last time. I'm praying so hard for you to get your BFP next week.

    Everyone else-Hope you are all doing great!

    As for me-Things are a little boring, this is my third week of acupuncture, I'm loving it, really relaxing. I'm working on getting all our paper work and charts for our 2nd opinion. As soon as I have an update, I'll let you all know.

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    Karen 50 DH 55; DD 23; DS1 21; DS2 6; DSS 26; DSD 23 TTC 'our' 2nd since 9/06

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    Thanks for all the support girls!! I can not tell you how incredibly blessed I feel right now!

    Erin - I had to wait until I signed in at home to see the picture, but those are some beautiful embryos they transferred! And a huge congrats on the 6 snowbabies - it sounds like you have a bunch of tough little fighters ready to make their appearance!

    Malf - I laughed out loud at your DH's response!

    Thanks again girls and I'll definitely keep you posted and looking for more BFP's in February!

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    Default Happy!

    Ladies: I am so happy to hear such GREAT news for you guys this week! CONGRATS!! I have been following anxiously...I am actually lurking in the IUI sisters forum..that is my life at the moment....but I keep you IVF ladies in my thoughts because you are probably my future (trying to stay positive!)

    You all have a great thing supporting eachother like you brings tears to my eyes...I am so happy for you all this week!

    Sticky baby dust to all....!!!
    (Charissa :35 mild endo)(Jeremy:34 perfect)
    TTC #1 IUI x 2 BFN IVF #1 03/09
    FET July 09 me through this....:pray:

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    Malf & Wishing.... Congratulations here's to whopping doubling betas!!!
    Erin and Boston Girl....I'm praying for your BFP Good Luck and stay sane!
    I've been quietly stalking you all!!!
    I'm on my last week of BCP and have my suppression review on 2/9, and if all is well I start my meds.
    My protocol is microdose lupron, follistim and ovidrel trigger.
    Then I have to take tetracycline and methylprednisolone tabs between ER and ET, after ET I have to take estradiol tabs and of course the obligatory suppositories..endometrin this time, lucky me I haven't been given PIO, I'm sure my DH would loved to help with that after all the emotional outburst he has had to deal with so far!!
    I am very very nervous this time and scared. Has anybody out there had success with this protocol. The last time we used full dose lupron I over suppressed and I'm scared of it happening again. Anyone know what the tetracycline and the methylprednisolone tabs are used for.
    Sorry for selfishly dampening all your good news, hopefully its just the BCP playing havoc with my emotions and I'll be back on form next week when I start shooting up again
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    Malf and Wishing!!!!
    I'm so happy for you both!

    Erin, congrats on the transfer; we will be sending tons of sticky vibes your way

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    MY BEANS ARE OK! My labs came back and they are urine protein was a little elevated, but nothing to worry about! HOORAY! So my kidneys seem to be functioning well....we will still be doing an u/s to make sure that it is not the cause of my high blood pressure.

    So now I wait to O and hope that I can get into the MFM doc sooner that the 16th (that is when my appt is). Otherwise we may have to postpone IVF another cycle. .....but it is all for a god reason.

    Anyway....that is all!

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