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    Thanks to all for your thick vibes - I am up to 7mm today!!! Won't have the b/w results until tonight, but my lining is looking good and I have 3 right-side follies over 1cm with a couple right behind, and 1 on the left over 1cm with another right behind!!! I was so disappointed with the number of antral follicles on CD3 - way off what I'd had during IUI cycles, presumably from being oversuppressed by the Lupron. Feels like I am catching up now, though. To those of you who were monitored on or around CD8, remind me how many follies and what sizes you had? I need a reality check. Thanks, girls!

    So, DH and I were talking the other night about what we're telling, when and to whom. We have a few people who know of our struggles, but only one couple (who also struggled) knows that we're now cycling. We decided to do a blog, which will allow us to update people with the info we want to share, when we're ready to share it. Pretty excited about it, actually! Just wondering how you all are handling people on this topic?

    Icurn, holy cats! July 9 will be here before we know it!!! That's my goal date for ET. Hope it's a banner day for both of us!!!!
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