Hey Jillmo

I have read that Clomid can cause weight gain. . .I am up 3lbs from winter weight gain which I haven't been able to lose but that was pre-Clomid. I think the stress w/ ttc makes it that much harder to resist the cookies, cakes. etc that appear at work all the time. . .and then there is the little voice in the back of your head saying "well if you're pregnant you're just going to gain weight anyway so why bother to lose 3lbs?"

Ahh but that's a whole other conversation isnt' it?

Hang in there hon!

Posted: Wed May 23, 2007 2:25 pm Post subject:


Just wondering...has anyone else gained weight as a result of our little friend Clomid, or is it just me. I'm in a big funk today. I was going through my closet switching to my summer wardrobe and it seems that NONE of my clothes fit me anymore. Not even just a little tight, but sending them to Goodwill tight. This is frustrating and depressing.
I haven't had really a problem with gaining weight from it. I lost 45 lbs this past year from dieting. But Since ttc I haven't really gained or lost.. Now.. since I've been taking the clomid.. I've been experiencing :oops: constipation :oops: I've been having a lot of problems this week with that.. So when I went to the RE today.. I had gained 1 lb.. but she said it was probably due to me being constipated :oops: , so she didn't fuss at me.. She told me to add Colace to my daily routine. I did ask her what calorie intake I should be at and she told me during the 2ww that I should take in between 1500 and 2000. She said during the first two weeks of my cycle (Before "O") I can diet.. She knows I eat less then a 1000 when dieting.. So I don't know.. I guess everyone is different though, so it could be the clomid.