I am so sorry you are being jerked around w/ the Diflucan. I work in medicine (i'm a nurse practitioner) although I work in cardiology, so I'm no expert at babymaking medicine. . .but seriously, pharmacists can be a little over the top sometimes. However, I would NEVER give medical advice in this circumstance, but I will tell you to call your dr. and let him know what the pharmacist said. I guess you could use vaginal suppositiories to treat the infection, but you need to talk this over with the doc, and if he wants you to take the Diflucan, that will override the pharmicist.

Just to vent. . .if it's in your system for 1 week, and assuming you ovulate TODAY, that's BARELY enough time for implantation much less development of a placenta and shared circulation. I think it's crap!!!!! Crap!