Well, I thought I would start a Clomid blog (dairy). I'll post here on what's going on in my Clomid cycle and I hope other clomidies will post about their Clomid cycles too.

Ok.. As we know.. My last cycle was a good one since I had a progesterone of 27.6 (I think I release two eggs and boy did it feel like it!) which means the dose I'm on is doing good and making me "O" but for some reason the last cycle failed to get me pregnant.. I know I released eggs and I know my husbands spermies are in excellent shape.. so I figuring something most likely went wrong with implantation. Well, what ever it was I'm on another month of Clomid as well as a new plan. I'm on CD 6 and am taking Clomid CD's 5-9, day 10 I'll start Mucinex and day 12 I'll start OPK's. Start Bding on CD 15 every other day and day of LH surge and day after, unless for some reason I get a +OPK before then (Last month "O" was cd 20) Oh yea, I'm taking a Baby Aspirin, Prenatal and Expecta daily. On BD days we will sure pre~seed, so that's our plans for this month.

As far as Clomid for some reason I don't feel good the last couple of days real tired :zz: . I'm also :oops: constipated :oops: . Fun Fun :roll:

Hope we all have a successful Clomid month and get our BFP’s!!!