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Hello IVF Sisters! I know many of you, but some are new. For those that donít know me, I have PCOS and have been TTC for 11 years on our own and also using Clomid. I was ready to give up and accept the fact that we were not meant to have kids when we decided to try medical intervention. I did IUI with injectable medication in July í08 and got pregnant, even though we were told we only had about 20% chance of it working. We thought that was it, and told everyone we could! Unfortunately, there was no heartbeat at our 6 week ultrasound. I wanted to miscarry on my own, but again my body failed and didnít recognize that the baby was not developing. I had a D&C at 12 weeks. Then March 2009, we decided to try one more time. We started IUI again, but I developed too many follicles, so instead of cancelling we switched to IVF. I got pregnant again, this time with twins! When we saw two heartbeats at our first ultrasound, we were ecstatic! We were cautiously excited the next few weeks. I had a few episodes of bleeding but was always told that the babies were ok and that it should resolve itself. Then at 13w3d I passed so much blood that I passed out and DH had to call 911! I was admitted into the hospital for a week, all the while still bleeding a little, but the babies were fine. At almost 15w, I went into labor and delivered two beautiful, perfectly formed little boys. Devastated doesnít represent how we felt, but after a year of trying to recover, we are again doing IVF and hopefully this time will end with a healthy baby in our arms. I go in tomorrow for retrieval and I ask that you say a prayer for us.
I am so excited for Stacie, Rhonda, and Heather!! I look forward to "meeting" the rest of you! I know we all deserve our LO in our lives, and hopefully this will finally be our year!
Oh my God what an horror story. How do you ever get over such pain. I am so very sorry for you and I will be praying for a successful uneventful happy pregnancy at term...