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    Today I went to see my OB because since yesterday I've felt a constant pain that reminds me of cyst pain. If I have a cyst, then I'm not too concerned because they come and go on me.
    Well, OB measured my fundus and said that it is too high for 13 weeks and ordered an ultrasound (I'm booked for Thurs). She wants them to search my uterine walls and ovaries for fibroids or cysts.
    So, I'm a little worried now, of course. I know that I had at least one tiny little fibroid from an ultrasound I had last year and I also know that they can get much bigger in pregnancy. But I'm hoping that since I'm feeling discomfort in the lower right region of my pelvis that it's a large ovarian cyst pushing up on my uterus...that would be less complicated I think!
    Has anyone dealt with this?

    On a good note, we finally picked up baby's heartbeat (148) and also heard the little one kicking around!

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    I don't have any experience with fibroids but keep us updated on your appt today! Hopefully its a cyst. I had a cyst on my ovary until very late in my first pregnancy. And when it finally ruptured it was pretty painful. Doc said it was all very normal.

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    Thinking of you Jen !!

    Any update?
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    Thank you ladies! Had the ultrasound, and not only am I fibroid/cyst free, but I'm actually a week further along than we have been thinking! My first ultrasound put me a 7 weeks....which was less than what we had calculated...but this one said in 14 weeks rather than 13. I'll believe this one especially so ce you could actually tell head to rump!

    Everything looks great! I guess I just have a bigger uterus than usual too...oh well! Lol

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