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Thread: Starting the 2 week appointments

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    Default Starting the 2 week appointments

    I had an appointment with my OB yesterday. Everything looks good except my iron levels, but they've got me on supplements for that so we should be good. Next time I see them its the strep test and then at 37 weeks cervical checks. Can't believe its all going so fast.

    They said baby was head down already. I'm feeling it for sure. She's kicking me in the ribs and her head is pressing on my bladder all the time, ugh!

    So funny: I asked my OB about birth plans. He said, "What do you want? You want something unusual? We do it all, you come in, you ask for it, we do it. No need to write it down." He's like some sort of baseball-coach personality or something, lol.

    I asked him about epidurals because I've never had one. He explained pretty well and straightforwardly about them. I am just nervous I will feel paralyzed and trapped, but everyone is assuring me it not like that. Makes me feel a bit better. I was also nervous about stalling but he reassured me about that too. So that's good.

    All in all, very good appointment. Just need to get my head in the game, it still all feels so new and like I just got pregnant yesterday. Even though I am very ready for it all to be done. I'm tired of being pregnant. Just want the baby here and healthy.

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    Default excited for you. Did you go natural with your first? If so you have a good chance of doing fine with an epi with your second. I did stall and felt trapped with and epi. And eventually led to c section..but that was with my first. And I think I got it too early. But a lot of women do well with them. They can be a life saver for long labors or inductions.

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    Yeah, I'm on the fence. I was induced with pitocin for my first and was adamant about no epi. In hindsight, that was dumb. It probably would have sped things up a bit.

    This time I want to play it by ear but I'm leaning towards an epi. The OB said there is a window, and if you get the epi early it can stall, but most of the time he doesn't see that. Plus this is my second so I think that will help too.

    But they have tubs and a doula program and all kinds of natural things at this hospital birth place too. So I'll go with my feeling at the time and what's happening. Can't really plan for it, can we, though we may try! ;)

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    Yes I was going to say just take each stage of labor at a time..I think you'll do great.. I was surprised with my first how much I changed my mind on everything. ...with my second I was so thankful for supportive midwives who helped me through each stage. But I didn't really go into labor with a plan other then midwife and home birth.

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    so excited for you...getting soooo close ! I hope the iron supplements boost your energy levels...anemia is so draining .

    I love it that your dr is so on board with whatever, that is fantastic !!

    I've only had an epidural to have my appendix out (I was 8months pg), so no real experience with it during L&D. I have had intra-thecal meds though...they call it a "walking epi" and had no issues with it at all, but it was vastly different than the regular epi.

    praying for a really good L&D experience for you!
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