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Thread: could i be pregnant?

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    Default could i be pregnant?

    Had a period back in June missed July and don't look like I'll be having a period a period this month either(august). Yes I had been having unprotected sex (May-july). So this past weekend my lower back was hurting like I'm about to start my period, when I'm about to start I have lower pains. So Monday when I went to the bathroom and after wiping I looked at the tissue and it was very light blood on the tissue(sorry for tmi). And that was it, haven't bleed since and my back doesn't hurt anymore. I still feel the same just be bit more sleepy than normal and slight cramping In my abdomen.

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    The best way to find out is to take a pregnancy test, they sell cheaper ones at Walmart and the Dollar store.
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    Any obvious symptoms aside from what you listed?
    I will say that if you stress about the possibility of being pregnant, your body will be tricked into thinking you are actually pregnant and symptoms will show. You need to relax, and convince yourself that it COULD BE because of stress. I recommend taking a test though just to ease your mind.

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