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Thread: Bringing Food to Day Care

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    Default Bringing Food to Day Care

    My baby obviously is not eating solids but I got this email from the day care today. What do you think? Over reaching or a good thing?

    Attached is the Meal Guidelines set by the USDA and given to us by the Quality Rated Improvement System.

    Please note: IF you are bringing food for your child all meals from home must include the components that the guidelines set forth. Also, meals need to be of a healthy nature; please do not send things such as cookies, candy, sugary drinks/foods/cereals, etc. The components are listed on the attachment and described below:

    Breakfast: 1 fruit/vegetable, 1 grain/bread
    Lunch: 2 fruits/vegetables, 1 grain/bread, 1 meat/meat alternate
    Snack (choose 2 of 4 components): 1 fruit/vegetable, 1 grain/bread, 1 meat/meat alternate
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    Umm I actually like that they're strict about their food policies. But I tend to disagree that the only healthy foods are fruit, vegetables, and meat. Lol. Yogurt? Soup? Eggs? Oatmeal (I guess that's a grain?)? Cheese? Just thinking of some of the things we eat here almost daily that aren't listed.

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    They have to follow usda guidelines as a licensed program. "Meat alternate" is ant type of protein so cheese, yogurt, egg fit that category. Oatmeal is considered "grain".

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    i like the idea of it, i mean who wants to watch a 2yr old who has had fruit loops for breakfast, cookies for snack, cheese puffs for lunch?

    But i have seen and heard enough people talk about what their schools consider "healthy" and compliant with the guidlines to know no real good is coming from this.

    there was one parent whose story went viral after she was charged a fine to supplement her kids lunch with 4 Ritz crackers because the homemade stew she sent didn't have a "grain" when it did have potatoes.

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