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Thread: I think it's time to say hello :hi:

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    Default I think it's time to say hello :hi:

    So, I thought it was time that I introduce myself :-)

    My name is Rebekah and I am an American who has lived in Australia for 6.5 years with my "almost" 7 year old daughter Charlotte and my dbf Rod. I have not been on apa in a very long time! I found this beautiful site when I found out I was pregnant with Charlotte and hopefully it can become my home away from home this second time around

    A little backround...when Charlotte was about to turn 5 I talked dbf into trying for a 2nd. Little did I know the journey that I was going to go on! I was 24 when I had dd and fell pregnant on pretty much the first try. I had a very nice uneventful pregnancy :-) this time around...well in two years I have had 2 chemical pregnancies (one at 5 weeks and one at 6 weeks), 1 partial molar pregnancy that ended in a d&c at 13 weeks and one miscarriage at 7 weeks.

    So considering all that....I have made it to 8 weeks today!!! Not something I have done in the past. I have also had good betas and a scan last week showing the heartbeat. So 3 great milestones.

    P.s. How do I change my very dated signature?!
    Rebekah (me) 27 ........... Rod (dbf) 36

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    Welcome back! I used APA with my first as well, the site has a lot less traffic this time around but the same quality of nice supprotive people. Congrats on reaching the 8 week milestone, everything is looking promising for this one!

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    Welcome back to APA and huge Congrats on all your milestones.

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    Welcome back to APA! We were pregnant together! So happy to hear you've had great scans and a healthy little peanut!

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    Congrats for making it to 8 weeks and having a fabulous HB on the u/s!!
    Dorcas (35) DH (36) 3/13

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    Me(31)&DH(35). Married-2005
    Make a pregnancy ticker

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