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    My 7 year old ds is extremely picky. He hardly eats meat, hates nuts and pb, and we have to limit dairy so I'm always trying to get protein in him. What he loves are fish sticks, which I usually make myself with cod or halibut but have the frozen crap for a pinch. He also likes a tuna fish sandwich.
    My concerns are mercury, of course, and some recent news I've read about ocean life consuming all of the plastic floating in the waters and thus humans consuming that when we eat it.
    So how much do you worry about this? How often do you serve fish to your family/kids?
    i hate to cut out one of the only things he eats.

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    Default This is what I found my kids don't eat much fish in general they are really picky too. It looks like 3-6 oz is in the safe zone per week.
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    Mira eats a lot of fish. But, we tend to choose small bodied fish, and fresh water fish most of the time.

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    Yep, choose smaller fish so they've had less time to let the mercury build up. There are some lower-mercury tunas on the market too, but they tend to be pretty expensive. Choose light tuna rather than white or albacore. Looks like cod is pretty good for mercury:
    I don't know about the plastic stuff. It's the first time I've heard about it as a hazard to humans. It gets into their tissue?

    I know what you mean about struggling for protein. Noe is the same way - doesn't care for meat or nuts, and we limit her dairy because it's hard on her tummy. She gets most of her protein through eggs, almond milk, tofu and the occasional cheese or yogurt. We also eat a "complete protein" bread ( but I don't know if you have that brand where you are. She used to eat a lot of beans, but lately has been off them. She still eats peas, especially fresh/raw and frozen. Frozen peas are an everyday treat, actually. How does he feel about lentils, like in soup?
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