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    Default 28wk appt :)

    My appt went really well . I lost a few pounds last week because of the gastritis so I was only up 3lbs since my last visit for a total gain of 11lbs this pg. Fundal height is 26cm...OB said it can go 4cm in either direction and is happy with where it's at. Baby sounded great and is head down, BP is good, of course my glucose testing was normal, and I got my Tdap. Oh and I got the prescription for a breast pump, but forgot it there so I need to call them. My next appt isn't for another 4wks which I'm extremely happy about, lol, I am not ready to go every 2wks yet (we are just sooo busy from now through Sept and even into Oct, but it will slow down a bit after Sept) . I'll be getting my flu shot at that appt.

    So far I've only seen 2 of the 5 OBs and the NP...I like them all, but the dr I saw today is my fav of the three and I'd love it if he were the one attending my delivery . He's always cheerful and upbeat, very laid back...hoping !!!

    His biggest concern is my asthma. I have one more week left on the Qvar inhaler the pulmo put me on when I had bronchitis a few weeks ago. I'm really praying everything will be fine when I stop it. We've been keeping the A/C going, but we got *a lot* of rain the last couple weeks and our basement/yard/area is really damp. I'm coughing more and my peak flow is hanging in there, but I'm hoping I won't have any kind of a flare-up when I stop the other inhaler. My OB said if I use my albuterol inhaler more than 2x/*week* that I need to call them right away.

    He wasn't concerned for now about any underlying issues regarding the gastritis since my symptoms resolved. He said to let them know though if the Nexium isn't controlling my symptoms.

    So yup, it was a good appt, lol, and when I came out my dd said I missed it...Captain America was apparently washing the windows outside...I seriously love this hospital (the employees regularly dress up as super heroes while they do their my last appt Spider-man was doing some maintenance work) . Eta...and when we were waiting for the valet to bring our car up we saw Iron Man carrying a mop and pushing a mop bucket
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    Aw that's great news! Sounds like you are in good hands and everything is going well.

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    Great appointment update!! And I am cracking up over the superhero thing, that would be awesome to see. LOL

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