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    Derrick or derek?

    2 babies, unknown genders, and im only in love with one name. So im open to hear some

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    Well. I like both. lol I know that's not very helpful. I guess my only thing is I would choose Derek because people tend to spell it that way. Otherwise he might have his name misspelled by other people his whole life.

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    My brother in law's name is Derek and I can just hear his mother now, "It's Derek, spelled the British way." LOL.

    I think in NC people tended toward spelling it Derrick.
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    I like the spelling "Derek". I don't like the spelling "Derrick" though, because it's a thing, not just a name. And that bothers me for some reason
    . der·rick
    a kind of crane with a movable pivoted arm for moving or lifting heavy weights, especially on a ship.
    the framework over an oil well or similar boring that holds the drilling machinery.
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    My DS1 is Derek and I didn't even know there was more than one way to spell it until after he was born! So that's my vote
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    Thanks ladies, im pretty sure I have my boy names narrowed down to Derek, Devin, Alex and Dylan. Now if I can tackle girls name

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    Haha i just had a debate with my mom over if there was more than one way to spell derrick, guess i was wrong

    I love dylan and alex

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