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    My 3 year old (3years 3months) does a lot of "ah uh um" between words, sentences, thoughts ... I don't recall DS1 doing this. Is this a form of stuttering? Is he just having trouble gathering his thoughts? Some sentences literally sound like "I'm going to, uh um, tell, uh um, you, uh um, about, uh um, my truck!" Other times his speech flows with maybe a set or two of "uh ums."

    Anything that I should be worried about?
    Dorcas (35) DH (36) 3/13

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    I think you are thinking about normal disfluency, but she might chime in soon. One of our mods wrote a great blog post about this:

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    Yes, it is definitely normal disfluency! Thank you for the link. I cannot be sure of when it started, but I will look for a resolution by 4, I think.
    Dorcas (35) DH (36) 3/13

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    Thanks, L!
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