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    So I've just recently done some reading about Vitamin D and its importance during pregnancy and nursing. I thought I'd pass along the links for the group. (toxicity occurs at 50,000 UI/d of Vit D)

    I'm going to go ahead and start with 5,000 UI/d of D3. I like that doing so prevents me from having to give that Poly Vi Sol crap to the baby ... I was never very good at following through with that stuff anyway. Now I'll feel confident my little one is getting what he needs.
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    Thanks for posting Dorcas!! I took 5000IU with my last pg and will be starting back up again soon with fall right around the corner . My mw actually said to take 2000iu year round because we live in a northern climate. I quit taking it when I had ms though and just haven't started it back up. I definitely needed this reminder !!
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