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Thread: frequent nosebleeds in 5 year old

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    Default frequent nosebleeds in 5 year old

    My 5 year old has had about 8-9 nosebleeds over the course of the past 3 weeks; last Thursday she had 4 in one day according to my MIL, the 4th one ended with a huge glob of semi - clotted blood and/or mucus coming out (gross - sorry). She hasn't injured her nose that I'm aware of but she picks it sometimes unfortunately. I took her to the pedi last Friday because I was worried; he didn't seem concerned and said it can happen easily in some kids, gave recommendations and some nasal spray. She was fine over the weekend but had 2 again today so now I'm worried again. My MIL had a really bad one last year that lasted over an hour and she had to have nasal packing; ever since that happened I get a little panicked and worried whenever DD has one, especially multiple ones. Does anyone else have experience with this? She's always been prone to them but never had this many clustered together before. I don't know how worried I should be or if I should call the office nurse again. Thanks!

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    My son (5 in October) has them all the time, even at night. His is allergy related, plus just sensitive nasal cavity. Do you give your daughter Claritin? Or something similar....what about asthma meds? These all cause nosebleed. Unfortunately my son has both asthma and allergies so the nose bleeds just have to be dealt with. You are correct though, nose bleeds really shouldn't last that long....10 mins tops. Read all the interior packing info for that nasal spray, ironically it may cause nose bleeds (lol, crazy right?). Our pedi always recommends a swipe of Vaseline (or off brand) around the interior of the nose (it's cheaper and keeps the passages from over drying, especially in this heat).

    P.s. Do not allow your daughter to tilt her head back during a nose could cause her to swallow which will cause her to vomit. The stomach does not like blood.
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    Thank you! He gave us nasonex samples and I looked it up and it does say can cause nosebleeds; she doesn't take any other meds though. I used the vaseline tonight.

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    i had tons of nosebleeds as a kid. they are not as frequent as an adult as they were as a kid but if your pedi is not worried then you shouldn't be too worried either.
    some things that i know work to stop a bleed are
    1- apply pressure to the bridge if the nose.
    2- lean forward (to avoid blood going down the throat, my g-ma always looked up while having a nose bleed and would then choke on the blood and then cough the blood out causing a panic attack thinking she was coughing up the blood)
    3- tampons absorb blood... they work well in a pinch when tissue is missing or there is not enough of it, i keep them in the glove box just in case.
    4- stay calm. if you start running around like a crazy person your heart will beat faster and you will bleed more. its best to sit and relax for a bit and far a while after the bleeding stops.
    5- ice. an ice pack on the nose can slow the bleeding

    my mother always had us go to the toilet. lean over it and let the nose just drip. while applying pressure to the bridge. it saved on tissues.

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